Monday, June 5, 2017

Well guys, my time has just about come to an end.. this next week will be my last week in the mission feild and pretty much every day i'll be in the capital taking care of some last stuff.. It's so weird how fast the time has come and gone.. It feels just like yesterday i was stuttering in lessons next to my trainer, and I never thought this moment would come, but it came so fast!

I can truly say I've been grateful for every moment of the mission.. Yes even (and maybe even especially) the hard times. I sure hope you can see the difference when I get back, and if i had to give any advice for those still out or going, it is to enjoy EVERY MOMENT,, cause the day to go home will come,, and in the aspect of life, 2 years is a short time,, Love every moment, work hard, be obedient, and be grateful for every blessing the Lord gives you for doing those things..

How am i feeling right now? It's hard to explain,, but its pretty comparable to the feelings that I had when I left Beaver to come out here.. I'm actually leaving my home again. I feel nervous, but excited.. I'm sad that I'll be leaving so many loved ones and familiar faces behind, but so grateful to see other loved ones and familiar faces.. Its been kind of a bitter sweet week honestly haha, but all in all, I just get this overall gratefull feeling.. I'm glad It's gonna be hard to leave, because it means i'll be leaving behind amazing people and experinces that i never would have met or had if i didn't serve the mission.. I know that the Lord blesses us.. Eternally. For the things that we do here in our full time missionary service.. I'm leaving countless blessings here in the DR, but will be coming back to many more.. I love the mission and I love my people, Here and back home..
I love you guys, thank  you for all the support you've shown me I'll see you in a week or so!
Elder Beard

Monday, April 17, 2017

Well guys, things have been going great this week!
Anthony was able to recieve the Preisthood this week and ordained to be a Priest! Hes super happy about that and has been helping us with the missionary work giving us references and what not... This week was Semana Santa,, although it wasnt very santa haha,, there were pools, beer and hookah all over the streets people were going nuts! But the only good part about Semana Santa was the tons of Habichuela con Dulce they got.. LITERALLLY we ate habichuela con dulce about 3 times EVERY day this week.. what is this mysterious food you may ask,, well.. its a famous dominican meal for this time of the year, where they put BEANS together with SUGAR and eat it! sounds weird right? it is at first hah, but i like it a lot better this year than i did last year.. i guess that comes with being "aplatanao" 

This week wer were able to help out this awesome member named Jonas get his empenada stand up and running again (pictures included)..something i love about this guy is that no matter how rough the situation hes always got a huge smile on his face!
As well this week Elder Beecher was finally beat as the missions tallest missionary :( we found one taller,, and hes here in the zone,, his name is elder Burrel from Jamaica!! super cool guy! Heres a picture with me next to them both, just so you see how tall they really are ;) and keep in mind, im usually a foot taller than the average dominican haha!

Have a great week guys, happy easter!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

This has been an awesome first week here in Valiente.. I´ve had the chance to meet a lot of new people out here, and got a nice warm welcome.. The Branch has defenitly got that Las Americas feel about it.. The Branch president is an aweomse guy, named Prez. Julio Ogando,, hes super young and super energetic, as you can imagine the youth here in the ward are super strong! The branch feels pretty similar to La Llave to be honest! And as for my area.. Well its like a mixture of captial and campo, its got a bunch of buildings, but it´s all dirt road and trees.. Luckily this house is pretty nice and has got a bunch of fruit trees in the back yard.. I still have a sour orange tree, banana tree, plantain trees, mango tree, avocato tree, and even a coconut tree!! With space to spare,, unfortunatley everythings out of season and theres no fruits growing on the trees, other than a couple of baby bananas and coconuts. But this week i got a tiny mango tree from an investigator and named it snoop dogg.. We´re gonna plant it out back when it gets a little stronger with some better roots!
So something aweosme this week, was that we had the Stake Conference, so once again i got to reunite with a few friends from La Llave,, and got to hear that 2 of my converts from la llave will be recieving the Melchizedek Priesthood! It made me so happy to hear! As well i got to see Presidente De La Cruz, who is now Hermano De la Cruz (because he was released as stake president) everyone in Las Americas was really sad to see him go, but knew the work continues!
So now time for my comp.. His name is Elder Charles and hes from an island named Grenada, and he´s a stud! (hes the one with the super man shirt).. Hes an awesome and super funny guy, we´ve been having a really good time out here.. He´s a beast too,, he knows how to do anything, from cooking, to peeling coconuts with machetes in like 1 minute! Hes like a huge teddy bear! (and strong too i feel like i have a body guard haha).. So youll see in another picture, Me, My Comp, and Hermano Cenot (Who recently moved here from Haiti) He is serving what they call a ¨Mini Mission¨.. Hes still waiting for his year in the church to leave on the mission, but for now hes been serving with us here,, and I actually knew him before he left on the mini mission,,  he is from a ward thats was a neighboring ward to la llave, so i already got to know him, its been awesome living with him! But about wraps it up for this week! I hope you guys are having an aweome week, and enjoying the most wonderful time of the year!
Love Elder Beard

Monday, December 5, 2016

Well guys, today is my second time saying goodbye to Gonzalo.. I can´t believe its happening again haha! I´ve been assigned to serve now in... wait i want you guys to guess... think. think.. 
LAS AMERICAS! haha, I´m going back to the Stake, but this time in the other Zone, Las Americas Este,, I have the assignment to be something they call ¨Super Zone Leader¨ Which basically means I´ll be in charge of training a few of the new Zone Leaders,, I´m pretty excited about that,, My companion is Elder Charles, and my area is Valiente A.. Valiente is (from what i hear) the second strongest unity in Las Americas (after La Llave) So I´m pretty pumped to go,, but as well a little bummed to leave,,
 Gonzalo has treated me well,, I´ve met some amazing and very humble people out here that I´ll never forgett.. I´ll defenitly never forget the friends I´ve made out here and the Miracles we´ve seen,, From hanging out with everyone and getting dirty in the Construction, to going on splits with President Arismendis.. AND HOW COULD I FORGET,, Hanging out with Mr. Horse (pictures included).. So this morning I decided we needed to adventure before I left,, So we got on the bikes bright and early and headed out into the Jungle,, We climbed a hill and looked over the little town,, such a cool experience,, you could see everything.. The hills were  way green and misty, there were pigs down in the bottom of the valley floppin around in the mud.. I was about to take a picture, but I thought, the picture just doesnt do it justice, it doesnt show all of the memories, the people, and miracles that happened.. So i decided not to take it (but didnt matter anyways cause i had forgotten my camera 😂)..
Amazing expericnes! I´m gonna miss it here, but I´m so grateful for the time I had..
Well I  hope you all have a great week! Love you guys
Elder Beard

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hey guys, so its just gonna be a quick letter this week with some pics,, But this week was a suuuper busy week,, as all ends of the month are! We were running around like crazy taking care of interviews and going to the capital for meetings.. We went to the Temple this week, which was always awesome,, everytime I go its like a spiritual Recharge! it keeps me going! And we were able to see the results of the blessings throughout this week, and we were able to recognize many miracles in our area.. 2 of them were the Baptizm of M and R,, It was great to see them make this huge step in their lifvs this week,, and to say that they´re very prepared for the step their taking!  I had my interview with president this week,, It was awesome, and I kind of realized I´m living in one of the happiest moments of my mission right now! The mission and life is great! I suggest it to anyone!
Love you guys! Happy thanksgiving!

Dear Family and Friends,
This has been another great week out here in the D.R. and specifically in Gonzalo!
So we ended up doing the service at hermana Jeidy´s house,, Its pretty fun doing these little services,, My companion and I have been hunting for new houses to paint! This week as you can see, i made a natural Tea,, from a bunch of random leafs i found in the backyard, with a sour orange, and chinola.. Turned out pretty decent! I´ve been fightin with a cold lately,, I´m not sure whose winning,, i sure don´t feel good, but its not stopping me from workin still,, i think its a tie haha! The weather has been really interesting lately.. It´s actually been cold! Believe it or not Cold in the DR.. and Its rained every day this week again, and i´ve actually had to use a jacket this week.. Weeird haha, So this week we´ve been having some pretty decent progress here in the Branch, We had our weekly noche de amistad (pictures included of my comp. drinkin some coca cola, and me witht he Branch President Arismendis). And this time 25 people showed up! A lot better than last weeks 15.. We also had a family home evening in the house of Francisca,, where 8 people ended up coming.. We´ve noticed that these little things make a big difference, strengthening the members.. This week we had an attendance of 40 in the Branch,, and after wards we all got together and made plans to head out in the afternoon to visit the members who didn't make it to church this week,, We rallied the troops and headed out,, everyone was super excited to go out too,, in the afternoon i went on splits with the branch president and headed over to the construction where we visited the whole little town! And on our way riding the bikes we found 4 other pairs of members out teaching,, There was even an investigator out there strengthening the less-active members!! I love the faith of the members out here,, its not easy to stay so strong in a tiny branch,, but there is nothing shaking the faith of the strong members of this Branch.. 
So heres one of the many miracles the Lord has blessed us with this week.. So its pretty late and we´d just gotten home a little early,, my companion was hungry so he wanted to go out and buy a tostada,, I didn´t really want to casue i was exhausted, but we decided to go.. In the tostada place a nice lady hooked us up with tostadas and a free piece of pizza,, The lady all of a sudden told us her name is K and she is member of the church.. She told us her story (partially in English) because she used to live in England. Her husband never supported the church and she always had to sneak out when he was asleep if she wanted to go.. So she moved back to the DR and some reason fell away from the church,, She said shes a little bit shameful for falling away and has seen us out walking a lot and always wanted to talk to us, but never got the nerve to.. That same night she had written in her calender of Goals that she was going to talk to the missionaries, but she got too nervous and backed out,, She started crying and said that she couldn't get the courage to come to us so the Lord sent us to her.. She´s been through the temple, has 6 years in the church, and obviously the Lord has something planned for her,, I told her Hermana Kari(cause thats her name) I think there are 3 reasons we met,, 1st to get a tosdada😋, 2nd Because you need the church, and 3rd the church needs you.. When K reactivates I know she´s going to be a great help here in this Branch.. The Lord is preparing something amazing!
Thank you guys for eveyrhting, and have a great week!

Today was an awesome week here in the Campo, as always.. I´ve felt especially tired this week, But when we come home exhausted i feel great inside, cause i know the Lord is blessing us for our efforts! And we´ve seen many blessings this week! And one thing I´ve noticed this week is how much the Little things matter to people. Lately we´ve been focusing a lot our consuler duties and strengthening the Branch and Members,, We were riding on our bikes to lunch when all of a sudden we saw a sister from the church, I, hand washing some clothes,, We decided to hop off and help finish off the clothes. She was so happy that she wouldn´t let us go until she got us some fresh fruit from her tree, She got up on her roof with a huge PVC pipe and knocked down a bunch of Manzanas de Oro, for us (not really an easy task cause shes like 70! She was super happy, for something that wasn´t really much, just a Little service, but the Little things matter! Little by Little, service by service, we are trying to revive the Branch. Tomorrow We´re going to paint hermana Jeidi´s house and soon plan on going over to the Construction with some members to paint houses out there! When youre in the service of others youre in the service of God!
  As well, this week, we went to the Caves out here in Gonzalo,, they were pretty cool, and you could definitely tell that we were in the country cause Trash Mountain was not to be found in these caves! As well, remember the horse I took pictures with last week? Well he´s my buddy now, every time I go to the construction he Whinnies at me and I go over to pet him (and yes mom, after wards wash my hands, especially because he´s got some nasty disease) Anyways We named him Mr. Horse. He´s a good guy!
That´s about it for this week everyone, as always thanks for all your support, letters, and love, I hope you have a great week! and GO BEAVER!