Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas!
Well guys I just finished my first Christmas here in the DR and I´ll have to say it was definently one of the most memorable haha! So First throughout the week We could see the crowds slooowly start to grow and the alchohol slowly start to appear more, until Christmas Eve..
 So in Christmas Eve Morning our Zone had a little White elephant gift exchange and a dinner, Super fun, I gifted a picture of myself and a candle of the pope.. A sister first got it and didnt want it what so ever.. Needless to say I was heartbroken.. BUT luckily i got my Elders to back me up.. First Harris Robbed the gift, then another named Lemus.. Lemus had my pic for quite some time, but elder espinal came in with the 3rd and final steal.. Elder Lemus was devistated and I once again felt loved. So that Night the party started,, people drinking, motor bikes, salsa music everywhere!! They all looked like idiots, but it was pretty entertaining! So the party lasted allll night long.. Barely got any sleep, and woke up the next day to tons of people in front the house still salsa dancing! As we made our way through the crowd we saw lots crazy stuff, and one guys fell and smashed a lady into his cement house, looked painful, but they both ended up on the ground laughing! So after this we retreated to the mission office to watch some Christmas Skits and have a good time there.. After that we got to call the Fam! Super exciting and so good to see them! After I hung up I felt a little bit home sick.. But it just turns out i was actually sick sick.. Yup Im sick again.. and I even bragged to them that i hadnt been sick this whole transfer! So that was my Christmas,, now its back to Work!(when I get better) I hope all you guys enjoyed your christmas, Thank you for all your Happy Christmas Wishes.. Talk to you Soon!
Transfers were this week and I will be staying in the same area with the same companion, Elder Alva
Elder Beard

Almost Christmas!
But it doesnt really feel like Christmas at all,, probably cause theres no Snow, Fireplace, or Tree (real tree) So lke ive said many times christmas here is a different story.. One day there was a lady preahing on the metro and she said ¨Remember that Christmas isn´t only about drinking and partying, but its about Christ too!¨ And we´re like No. It´s only about Christ!! For the Average Dominican, the christmas Spirit is being hammered drunk! Every night it gets closer to christmas the streets have been becoming more and more packed with people Smoking, Drinking, and Salsa Dance (i literally saw a pregnant women in a colmada dancing salsa while holding a beer) We live in the worst place for this time of year too.. Smack dab in the middle of 5 streets, and 5 colmada´s who all have sub woofers,, Fri, Sat, and Sun. I do not sleep. Kinda stinks to be honest and im thinking i need some firecrackers to throw at the Drunk Partyiers. But its all good, this week was still pretty good, we had the chance to stop by for the beard fam this week and she told me that She had a pic of her great grandpa and he looked like me cause he had the same ears, tall and dark hair.. Of course the ears haha! Thats a key identifier in the Beard Family!
 So we also had the chance to get a few Christmas Packages! My parents shipped a couple things for my Comp, who was super pumped. But it was way funny to see his reaction on some things.. He had no idea what the purpose of Silly Puddy is! I tried to explain to him that you just like.. squeeze it and uhhh twist it... Then I realized, I dont know what the purpose of silly puddy is! That caused me to ponder Deeply.. What is the Purpose of Puddy?

 So transfers will be on the 29th this next week, It´ll be exciting to see what happens.. Other than that not a whole much has been happening, I imagine that i may have some story next week about a crazy Drunk guy next week, but we´ll see! Hah I think A couple Christmas´s here will really help me to appreciate the Christmas Back home!! Hope you guys are having an awesome time back home and hope you guys all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTAS... and a happy new year😀 
TTYL  Elder Beard

Friday, December 11, 2015

Dominican Fam.
Well this week has been pretty good here in the D.R. Very Very hot and sweaty! But still pretty good, I feel like the spanish is coming along at a decent rate, and ive been making a lot of friends here.. Like a lot of friends, lol people i didnt even know were my friends in the street coming up to me like Heey my brother or How are you my friend! For example.. About a month ago some guy named Junior tried selling elder hutchins and i this phony watch and we told him to get lost.. But now every day we pass him he stops us and talks and the other day he actually greeted me with a hug lol (hes not gay hes like a gangster) he always introduces me to his other friends.. he has like to other friends named junior haha. And they all live around our nieghborhood, so i feel like if we ever get mugged theyll protect us! 
  So something pretty funny happened this week. E. Alva and I were sharing with a less active member and suddenly his crazy non pork eating aunt comes out of the house and startes saying AMEN AMEN to the scriptures we were reading and started praising the lord! THEN she started going off on some rant about how the mormons are founded from the illuminati and that were an apostosy and that every single church is an apostosy and then she busted out into spontanious prayer, and prayed that Dios would fix the problem with the U.S. Government.. Whats that problem  you might ask? Well according to her the U.S. government is working undercover with the Catholic Pope to overthrow all other governments and make them all have church on Sunday.. She also says that the ¨dragon¨in the war in heaven is the United States.. After her crazy ciritisim and prayer she just left... BUT we had the last laugh cause the scriptures she was AMENing and Praising were directly out of The Book of Mormon!! lol
   Im not sure if this next part is destiny or what.. you tell me! So the other day some guy came up to me and just started reading my plaque.. outloud kept saying my name and i was like yes? He said oh nothing,, my wife just has the last name as you! I was pretty shocked like whaa? so his wife came in the store and was like hey thats my last name!! Haha she was a little bit whiter, but still dominican so i figured it was whatever, but she said it was her grandpa who came from england ( and my great grandpa came from england which is the same time period) so i was like ahh crap we´re family lol! Her name is A Beard (something else they have 2 last names) so we put down an appointment for them and gonna pass by and share family history! And they live like 5 minutes from our house so that makes things really convienent! Ill try to get some pics to send next week! Well thats about it for this week! Hope everyone back home is doing great! Miss ya!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Another Good Week,
Hey everyone, so as the title suggests another good week here in the DR.. Although a little bit rainy, in fact im soaked and a bit cold right now because.. We had this Capitation with the Zone leaders on how to take care of some district numbers (which they're having me do for our district) 
and a bunch of us had to make it to an Internet center, in the rain.. but first we had to cross a muddy river, our first zone leader just walked through the river and got soaked and i tried jumping it (its more of a little stream) and i slipped in the mud, but caught myself and only got a little mud on my buttocks. But everything good we were all soaked afterwards! Pretty funny though! BUT its not super comfortable to be soaked in clothes like these.. So not a whole lot went down this week. A lot of the same old stuff, Elder Alva and I have been getting along good still and my Spanish has been getting a little better.. I think! It honestly better than its ever been right now but i feel like its the worst its ever been, cause now that i have a Latino comp every Dominican can suddenly realise the Huge difference between my Spanish and perfect Spanish and everyone seems to let me know! Either by making fun of a way i pronounce a word or by strait up telling me it sucks.. When they do that i usually start speaking to them in English saying just random words and usually i feel pretty satisfied afterwards! Hahah, but also hope you guys had a good thanksgiving! Its a little different here, instead of turkey we had rice.. and instead of stuffing we had beans.. BUT it wasn´t too bad i guess! We got together as a Zone and everyone brought a little bit of food.. Fortunately I'm blessed with parents who shipped me POTATOES GRAVY AND PIE and i brought that to the Rice and Bean Feast, needless to say it was everyone favorite haha! Makes me think a lot about home, I miss it sometimes, but at the same time its so good to be out here being a part of the greatest work.. As always I love ya guys and hope this week is Great! Hope every ones safe and enjoying the snow!!!
Love, Elder Beard

Monday, November 23, 2015

Elder Alva New Week
Hey guys, so i don't have a lot of time this week, but just wanted to write a little letter, Really not much happened this week except I got Elder Alva, and things have been going really well! Like i said he is from Peru and he also lived in Bolivia and Chile for a few years! 
 So this is pretty funny, all of the Dominicans think elder Alva is American and are super impressed with his Spanish, but they still ask him do you understand this word and this word, then he tells him oh I'm from Peru, and they have no clue where that's at.. or that they speak Spanish haha! Apparently the Dominicans Spanish isn't very great, I've asked around to a few Latinos and they said its the worst they've heard ha ha and a lot of times they dint even know what the Dominicans are saying! So yeas its still difficult for me ha ha, Although i can feel it improving with elder Alva, he knows a tiny bit of English oh also he has 18 months here in the mission. But anyways sometimes I'm not gonna lie i just space out and cant understand a word hes saying and just not my head and say si, but other times I'm like.. wow i just understood every word.. so yea sometimes its a little disappointing other times its been good, but overall this week Ive enjoyed my time with Elder Alva. We also painted a house this week ill send a picture so you guys can see elder Alva, As always hope every things going great back home and every ones safe.. Elder Beard

Monday, November 16, 2015

So Let´s this out of the way, I'm staying here in Villa Mella, Santa Cruz, and I´ll be senior companion to an Elder Alva from Peru! As far as I know he doesn´t speak a lick of English so well see how this goes haha, may be a little rough, but I can do it.. I´ll tell ya guys what though, I'm gonna miss Elder Hutchins, it´s been a good 12 weeks with him! I don´t know too much about Elder Alva, 
So anyways this week Elder Hutchins and I ended off my training good with the Baptism of R!! It happened and it was awesome! R was looking good in white! After we took pictures we ran inside and got started on the baptism.. All the crazy kids ran up to the font and a couple tried jumping in, and when he was baptised they all started laughing haha, they'll be there some day, but we went around and he was choking up a little bit, then he stepped out of the font and gave me knuckles! It was such an awesome experience for us and for him! I know that becoming a member of this church is gonna help him out so much, Especially with the problems with his wife.. Life´s not always easy, but its easier to know we´re never alone.. After when R was going around talking with everyone, bishop came up and told us we have another talk tomorrow.. So during my talk I made to mistake to say I was a little sick so I apologise if i don´t speak too well (i had a little stomach pain nothing too bad) but after holy cow! The whole relief society came after me with their home remedies, Tea Ideas, and were just flooding me with all this advice! I was then forced to drink 4 cups of water and while this was happening all of a sudden I see the bishops wife and another lady walking through the door with a giant bowl of soup! I could hardly believe it haha! they literally went home and cooked me soup! It wasn´t too bad. I just thought it was funny how like caring-overreacting the Dominicans can be, at one point in time the bishops wife asked if I could be taken to the hospital immediately by the ambulance! haha kinda reminded me of the incident in the metro.. But like I said it wasn´t much cause im fine now haha! So overall, not a bad way to wrap up my training.. My Trainer and Friend Elder Hutchins will be heading out tomorrow morning and I´ll be starting out the transfer with Elder Alva, I'm not gonna lie its not easy seeing him go, like Ive said you can really get close to someone in 12 weeks, but that´s how the mission goes! As always I love you guys and hope things are going great back home! I know they are in Beaver cause they just took STATE! Congrats guys! I´m wish i could have been there for it! Until Next Week friends,
Elder Beard

Hey Friends, 
So this week was a pretty good week, Although a little disappointing, M and G who were supposed to be baptised this week can´t cause their mom doesn't approve.. Shes a hardcore catholic who thinks Mormons worship men haha so yea that sucks, but were trying to work on that with her.. I came home that night pretty frustrated to say the least lol. But good news! the date with R is looking pretty promising for the 14th, I don't wanna speak to soon, cause as we know some crazy crap can happen last second, but it´s looking solid haha hopefully everything goes as planned! He´s super excited and we´re excited for him, Wish us luck, hopefully next week we have a picture with R in White!!
 So this is the last week of the transfer and I'm so far I've been spending it with the flu, so I apologise if this email sounds a little choppy, plus my computer sucks today haha! So funny thing here, so far everyone that's found out I'm sick has given me some recipe or natural tea to make thats gonna make me feel 100 percent better!
So Something cool this week, my parents shipped shirts to Wily that had his little company name on them and he was pumped, he has one for all his family and now all his friends are wearing them around the street, it was super cool to see how Happy it made him! Ive seen him wear the shirts every day since haha! Well that about does it for this week, This is the last week of the transfer, so by next week ill know who my new companion is.. Not gonna lie I'm a little nervous to get out of training and to get a new companion, The Spanish still really basic for me and if i get a Latino I think theres gonna be some difficulty communicating haha, But it'll probably also improve it a ton! Well as always hope you guys have an awesome week back home and hope every ones safe,
Love Elder Beard

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Family Council,
So once again this week flew by holy cow! Couple crazy things happened this week,
 First off these crazy girl around our neighborhood is in love with me, it creeps me out we make sure not to walk on the street she lives on or she'll start battin her eyes and waving.. She just wants me for my Visa.. We also avoid this street cause its really dark, and when places are really dark they're usually not safe, in fact we were on it the other night and saw like this kid like 14 beating up this 14 year old girl, had her in a choke hold me and Elder Hutchins were about to save the day, but some crazy cops came zooming out of nowhere and happened to notice them, they got out and the kids stopped then the cops just left.. Made me sick to my stomach to be honest, theres some crazy crap that happens.
 Speaking of crazy crap.. more or less annoying crap... this week we were able to find and have a lesson with R and things were pretty rough for him.. We talked to him about his wife and he was choking up pretty bad, so were we to be honest. We bore testimony that if he puts the lord first, everything else will fall into place and we showed him Alma 7:11-12.. We then went downstairs to try and talk things out with his wife a.k.a she who must not be named (mainly cause i forgot her name).. We said first off hey can we have a minute to talk.. immediate NO. We talk a little more explaining we´d like to talk about your family, R, and would like to help ya out in any way we can.. Still no like a brick wall. At one point she even started laughing.. and wow that ticked me off! I was about to chew her a new one, but unfortunately i only know nice Spanish words!  hes really anxious for baptism, but hes started work so we've had to move his date to the 14th.. We now have 3 baptisms set for the 14th, the other 2 are G and M, 13 and 15.. Yes i know what you're t hinking, wow that's young! and yea it is! But remember, these guys are Chicken fed Dominicans, Ill send ya pictures of them. Anyways they're really nice kids, they always read and progress. They understand everything and M has read the whole Bible and is almost through with 1st Nephi already! We have high hopes for them!
 So something cool that happened, actually today, I got to see Elder Green! It was good to see him we talked (for as long as we could) and reminisced. It was really good to see him, he looks like hes doing good and i believe he heads out to Santiago this week, He´s gonna be a great Missionary! I wish the Santiago and Santo Domingo E mission stayed more in touch!
 Well that just about does it for this week, As always i love you guys and hope everythings going well for ya back home!
 PS everyone here already has their Christmas lights up (since the start of October actually) But Christmas here is only Holly and Jolly for a lot of the Dominicans cause they get hammered drunk, play Domino´s and listen to Romelio Santos haha! Until next week!
Elder Beard
PPS (13 year old in blue stripes... Elder hutchins and I are in the white shirts and ties)

Monday, October 26, 2015

Ok So this week
This week not a whole lot went down,
 For us or our progressing investigators, we had a good number show up to Church, but all of a sudden our main investigators just dropped off the earth,, we went to c, o, and r house every week and called them every day, but we couldn't find them any where! its really disappointing to work that hard and then just poof nothing! But R did show up to church, hopefully we can get things rolling here again.
 Like I said this week was pretty average, it went by really fast, and it was fun, but nothing too out of the ordinary happened! This week was elder Hutchins B Day though! I made him cookies and they weren't the best so we took them outside to all the Dominicans that night, and they were gone in 2 seconds, they were like dumbfounded that i actually baked them, they thought i bought them at the store lol, so maybe ill have to make some more!
 Carl didn't appear this week, i hope hes not dead.
 But today we did get to go to a big tourist attraction called El Conde, its the  big Columbus statue place you find when you google the DR, ill send you some pictures! I preached to a little tithing boy in this huge catholic church, the church is Gothic style and been around since like Columbus days haha.
 So the Spanish coming along slowly, sometimes better than others, its pretty tough, but for the most part I'm able to get across what i need to say! So sorry for the boring letter this week! Not necessarily a boring week, just not a whole lot happened!
Hope every ones doing great back home and safe, as always love ya,
Elder Beard

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week Something,
Well this week was a hard working, but good week! first off i feel more like a babysitter this week than a missionary haha, every house we go to the kids love us, and attack us and steal my notebook and draw in it and they´re just crazy, but its pretty nice to have a bunch of little friends, i hardly remember them all, we just walk on the streets and they're like hey elders! Ill send a  pic.. Also I figured ill tell you a little bit about Carl.. his names not actually Carl, but that's what we call him. Hes just this drunk guy that shows up passed out everywhere on the streets, like hes just passed out drunk! We´ve found him like 3 times in completely random places just laying there, one time a motorbike ran over his arm lol, he woke up after that and started dancing, then later showed up in the middle of the street.. and yes, i took a picture of Carl, so ill send that too! Also this last week we met the O family. They are awesome! so nice, they've had awesome questions and progress really well, this week they took us to church, and after my talk in church (i had a talk in church BTW) he gave me a thumbs up! haha so Also ill try sending a picture of R this week! We took him to a baptism and it was awesome! he says, so were doing this on the 7th of November? So hopefully everything goes as planned, like i said earlier (if i remember right) he was actually married by the law! we´ve just never found his wife, but president promised us if we plan for them with the temple in mind wed meet his wife.. so we did plan and we met her like a day later! BUT, first thing she said was R was the father of her children.. we were like crap! figured out she wants a divorce, but R still wants to be together, I'm guessing shes living that YOLO life right now, so we called president cause he wanted to know when we found her and he says he wants them to get professional help to save their marriage, he said ¨i would like to come and do it myself... on second thought I want you two to do it.. I know you´re not certified in marriage, but you re certified in eternal families.. So go and talk to both of them and get it all out on the table and save their marriage!¨ ..... This may be interesting.. the hard parts gonna be finding his wife, shes always off who knows where! its nearly impossible to track her down! So ill keep you guys updated! Well this about does it  for this week! hope every things going well back home and every ones Safe, love ya!
Elder Beard
P.S. Enjoy the cold weather i have forgotten what its like!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A good week,
Well this week nobody got stabbed, but it was still a very exciting week. An exciting week for our investigators.. So first off we have an investigator named R. So nobody in this country is married, like they call it a ¨free marriage¨ which is like without papers. R wants to be baptized, and as of now we have him set for the 7th of november. We weren´t thinking it was looking too well casue we figured he was free married, but it turned out that he was married by the law! we were like wait you have papers.. like by the law... like an actual marraige¿? and hes like uhh si. We were so happy, just about to pull out the portable font and baptise him right there haha, jk, but that would be awesome if that was allowed. So as well we have C, who we contacted about 6 weeks ago.. i love this guy, he knows i love coke and always has some for me, he remembers all our lessons and everything, for a while he hasnt been improving, but this week he took a huge leap, he was reading the book of mormon, praying, and even watched conference.. He took notes too!! But... hes not married.. We dropped the M-Bomb on him last lesson and he said.. yea it makes sense to be living ¨right¨ he siad hes not ready to have kids though.. we were like you dont have to have kids!! he didnt know that! he thought you had to have kids right when you were married haha! The tough part with the marraige as well, is only judges can marry, not bishops or anybody only judges.. So were also going to put down a date with him next time. So other than that not much has been going on.. Except I have seemed to develope some kind of fungus on my hands.. maybe a case of athletes hand? not to sure, but hopefully i dont die! That about does it for this week, hope everythings going well back home, ill try sending some pics.. Love you guys.
Elder Beard
Elder Hutchins with Elvis

Monday, October 5, 2015

This past week has marked the end of the first transfer in the field.. I haven't been transferred and Elder Hutchins is still my companion for another 6 weeks! I´m pretty glad too, I´m not ready for a Latino who doesn't understand me haha!
 So first off I'm writing this letter to a beautiful tune some random guy is singing in a booth to me. so if I sound extra inspired this email you know why (sarcasm its terrible)
 So first off this past week Elder Hutchins and I decided to take a journey to the uncharted parts of our area.. Cause its big like I've said before. So we go clear out into some kinda boonie area and met a few crazy picture and took a few pictures. We got some good contacts out there, so it looks like well be taking a few more journeys out there.. Not a whole lot interesting happened this week. 
 Also Theres been this mouse in our house that made a mockery of us this week. We have this sticky trap and every night it moves around.. So we loaded up and bought 3 different traps.. If this doesn't get him I may have to take things into my own hands.. Ive already killed one mouse with a shoe so far.
  Hmm so a couple funny things on our way to investigators houses the kids are always yelling at us.. like AMERICANO AMERICANO.. So we tell them no were from north china where theres white people! and we talk in gibberish.. they freak out and start laughing! They must have told all their kid friends, cause somehow wherever we go the kids yell at us CHINO CHINO! The kids are kinda turds here I'm not gonna lie.. They know 1 word in English.. every kid without fail.. and that word is the mother of all bad words.. The F dash dash dash... So tell them in English wow you know a lot of English and start having a conversation with them til they leave. They re Crazy!! 
So I had the opportunity to watch conference for the first time on the mission.,. Ill be honest before i never really watched conference much, but this time I got the most out of it than I ever have. Its cause usually back home id just kinda listen on my phone or miss a few sessions.. but wow actually taking time to write notes and listen makes a huge difference.. Lot of questions answered about the mission and stuff. Already excited for the next one.. they say its like the super bowl of the mission! The power here is terrible.. turns off at least 5 times a day.. so of course the power was out in like all the chapels so we couldn't find a  place to watch it.. the 6 of us decided we were just gonna go to an Internet center.. So all 6 of us crowded around this tiny booth with a speaker taking notes and singing in this small, noisy, and sweaty Internet cafe.. Although I would have been much more comfortable in my bed watching it. I still got more out of it in the small lab! haha.. Well that´s about it for this week! I hope every ones doing well back home! Love ya guys!
Elder Beard

pday adventures to tres ojos

out in the boonies

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

WEEK 4 in the Field
Well this has been a pretty good week ! once again it flew by like nothing and a couple funny things happened ill have to tell you guys about..
 So first off its been raining here.. like non stop so much rain.. if its not raining hard its raining a light sprinkle.. So This week to C we were able to share the BoM with C.. He loves Moroni! so we showed him Moroni 10. 3 4 5 and i asked him why he thought Moroni Said that.. it was what we called an inspired question or a question from heaven hah, but unfortunately i didn't really understand his response well, i could tell it was a good one, and after Elder Hutchins told me he said it sounded like he was writing to us like we knew wed have questions.. i was like wow i didn't expect that good of a response haha!
 Anyways a couple funnies this week. Theres a little boy named J and hes a kid of some members, the members are really good people, y and J. Anyways he pooped on the floor.. like just walked over and pooped, you'd have to been there to see the parents faces it was hilarious.. So Another funny. I was sick this week.. So we went on the big metro to go to the offices, we get on the metro and i feel terrible, like I'm going to vomit.. so the metro is already packed and two hugle ladies come on either side of me and totally squish me! my face went white and Elder Hutchins found me a seat.. I heaved a couple times and the whole train just started freaking out.. like it was silent before and they all started talking. And i closed my eyes and re opened them and everyone was staring at me! like everyone, all of a sudden a security guard was on the bus trying to like carry me off, but i was fine i just was gagged a couple of times.. So after we get off the bus all the other missionaries were like oh my gosh the train was so ticked at us, elder a said a guy came up to him and said in broken English "your friend very sick. need medical attention. I call nine eleven now" and they're all like noooo! Also other Dominicans were like its just cause hes American, if he were Dominican nobody would have cared.. I just thought it was so funny how everyone over reacted.. Also today we went to these caves called Los Tres ohos they were super cool ill try to get pics, but I'm kinda out of time this week on emails. also sorry i wont be able to reply to you guys this week, i don't know where the time went.. But i love ya guys and thank ya for everything, hope every things going well Back home!
Elder Beard

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

So Week 3 in the field
This week flew by super fast! It feels like i was just here emailing, so there's really not a whole lot i can think of this week.. although i think the reason it was going by so fast was cause it was a good week. i was feeling pretty motivated and the language was coming along well.. I was able to teach the first vision this week and pre mortal life and it actually went pretty well, the people we taught too seemed to understand what i was saying and enjoyed it... It felt real good! Also a funny story this week, We taught this guy and he was a little bit too friendly.. turns out he was just a preacher of another church, one of those weird churches that don't eat meat.. so anyways were having a discussion hes bombing us with questions of Mormons, like questions of Joseph smith, the book of Mormon, our belief on bible etc.. at this point i didn't know about his other religion,, i thought he was just oddly super interested haha.. so he asks us what food we eat and my comp just says ya know a healthy diet yady yady ya and i thought man this guy probably thinks Mormons are one of those weird religions that think pig is of the devil so i made clear right away.. told him i ate the nose of a pig the other day!! and it was really fat! and they were just like uhhh ok lol, after my comp told me out of every food you had to say pork!! they Hate pork hah!
 So What else.. i still haven't gotten mugged so no cool stories of that.. i bought some popcorn and hot sauce at the store this week and also took a picture with the guy who makes our street food and pig nose.. his name is willie! Hes the one standing next to me.. the guy sitting next to me is one of the many drunk guys who wanted a picture taken of him haha! Also I´ll send a picture of me with a little Dominican family, i gave them a bunch of little ctr rings and they all call me Barba! haha They´re funny kids
 So once again I apologise if I don't get back to everyone.. the Internet here is a pain! But I hope every things going great..Thank you guys for everything!
Elder Beard

some of the wildlife


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 2 of the field
So this week was a good week. Once again I´m glad to have my companion he´s an awesome guy! we have a lot of fun walking around in the hot humid every day, making jokes and singing songs. We miss the cool, he more than i cause hes missed a whole year of Christmas.
 so theres not a whole lot of exciting things that happened this week, theres a lady in here that's been yelling the whole time I've been trying to write these emails its driving me nuts i cant think strait hah, but like with driving and everything, I've almost been hit so many times I'm just used to it now, they love motorbikes, almost every family has one and they pop wheelies everywhere, and drive into the stores on the sides of the street and on the sidewalk and anywhere they can fit with them. and they wash them every day! so nothing too interesting happened this week, except some crazy drunk guy was shaking my hand and wouldn't let go, i tried walking away from him but he strait up double gripped my arm and wouldn't let me go, i was just about to karate chop him haha, but i just kept walking and gave a good yank and he let me go, but he watched and yelled for us literally until we were out of site, hopefully he doesn't find out where we live haha..
 anyways this week theres a guy out our window who uses our power to cook food, his name is willie and his food place is like a party every night, everyone loves it and like to drink around it and eat.. we literally order from him right out our window.. so this week i ate some pig snout.. and it was alright, tasted porky, but it was really fatty  and not super great.
o more about the investigators. This week We had afew more people contacted, but our most promising people are C and A, these two we met this week and they've really been wanting to hear more. we invited them to baptism and to church and they agreed to both, and C came to church this week, late, but he came and he had like a 15 minute walk from his house. The next is Y and M.Y really wants to be baptised, but the problem is they aren't married, in fact its rare to find a couple in the country that is married. C and A aren't either. they call them their wife but are never legally wedded, were trying to get M an Y to be married, but M is so nervous he doest want to commit, although hes been with her forever and they have 4 kids! The last is J, and she listens and enjoys our visits, shes a little nervous about baptism but we're working with her towards it.. all these guys baptisms are set for October.. These guys are the ones looking most progressing. We´ve been working hard to get more investigators, but it´s not always easy.. one day we literally walked for 3 hours in the sun, up hills and talked to 30 plus houses. every last one of them said no they didn't wanna hear nada. It was kind of a pain, but later this week we were able to get a few more who have been doing pretty good. It´s not easy work, in fact its the hardest Ive worked in my life, every night I'm absolutely exhausted, but to see like C come to church for the first time makes all of that worth it. It would also be a little less exhausting if i knew the language better, I've been improving, and able to share a lot more and actually teach bits and pieces, but I'm not very patient with myself i wanna speak better and it frustrates me at time to have the language barrier. as for understanding i have been doing pretty well. Some people speak a lot slurryer and faster than others and i have a hard time with that, but for the most part its been pretty good.
 I've had a couple of bad days, but the days that are good outweigh them. Its always good to hear whats going on at home, but today i don't know if ill be able to get back to many people again. the Internet in the cafe has been down this whole time ive been writing this letter and it doesn't look like its gonna come back on.. i actually hope i can get this letter out. anyways i love ya guys and thank ya for everything. hope its all going well back home! Ok so the Internets not gonna be working so ill add on more things i think of.
 so for transportation we usually walk, but our area is big like if we were to walk from one end to another it'd take us an hour and a half. so if we have a lesson on the other side of the town we´ll hop into a car.. these little cars they call taxis. they also drive crazy, and theyre just like a bunch of beater cars ha, but they're everywhere. they cost 25 pesos to ride in and they fill them to the brim with people. luckily we also have a metro that has 3 stops in our area. we take the metro a bunch too, its 20 pesos and it has AC so its usually preferable.Ok so the internets not gonna end up working so i wont be able to reply personally to anyone this week.. were saving it onto a flash drive and coming back later when the internet works to send it to everyone. sorry apparently Internets out everywhere.

Monday, August 31, 2015

1st Week in the field
When I got into the chapel we were all gathered around and i found out my next companion would be elder Hutchins. and guess people used to call him hutch too lol, Elder Hutchins is cool, we've been getting along pretty good so far and hes from grantsville.. hes a funny guy we tell a lot of jokes and sing a lotta songs on the streets.
 When i got to the house it was in this kind of ghetto looking neighborhood and the house smelt funny and was kind of dirty, this was my first impression. As we went through the week i find that our house actually isnt that bad, a lot of people have it a lot worse. and after i got set up in our house i got pretty comfortable and actually like it now. one weird thing tho.. we don't flush our tp.. nasty i know but that's the way it is, speaking of which earlier today i had to clean the bathroom and take out the tp bowl.. pretty disgusting!
 I´m literally in a constant sweat here. always humid and hot, bad at first but like everything else I'm getting used to it. Luckily we have fans and they are the best, we literally pack them around everywhere we are inside the house.. So out on the streets theres dogs everywhere! seeing the dogs at first made me pretty sad, the just walk around all sad and lay down wherever trying to pick up scraps.. i wondered about our dog and how they re always trying to get out, but honestly if they lived a couple days in the thug dog life they wouldn't ever leave the house!
 So our little house is right on this intersection and apparently its the designated party section. every night right on our street everyone gets drunk and blasts their music.. and Dominicans are LOUD haha serious no chill! theres a police station right next to our house but that doesn't seem to phase anyone. theres always cop lights outside our house .. every night and i look out but nothings happening they're just flashing their lights haha..
 Lots the Dominicans have the hots for me and my comp. its either cause of the money they assume we have (which we don't) or our extremely toned physiques.. but a lot of the dr people tell me i look like Justin bieber and I'm not sure how to take that, i just ignore and keep walking. also theres gay guys that always whistle at us.. the first day i was like what the crap was that and my companion was like DON'T LOOK.. crap i thought when i left America i was leaving all that lol.
 Also theres like millions of barber shops and for some reason every barber shop doubles as like a night dance club.. barber shop at day party at night.. everything here lights up at night. and we spend 2 hours out when its dark finishing up our teaching.. sometimes my bag gets snagged on something and i turn around ready to juto chop someone!
 Also nobody here can seem to pronounce beard lol they all say it burd. All these thoughts are my first impressions, as i got to know the people more they're actually very friendly and would do about anything for you. I'm not freaked out walking in the dark anymore or going into a sketchy looking part of the place, in fact the sketchiest places live the nicest people.. makes me appreciate what Ive got back home cause some of these people don't have anything..
 the zone were in is villa mella in the area of santa cruz. Google it, its not like the sparkling beaches you just searching the Dominican republic.. at least i don think itll be hah. So my Spanish is a solid below decent.  <i can understand a basic gyst of whats going on and can tell a very basic explanation of what i say.. its getting better though, I've been able to put into play more conjugations and stuff. i used to look forward to leaving the mtc, but now I'm looking forward to speaking the language, so i can REALLY get to know the people. This is some of the <hardest work I've done.. a lot lot lot of walking and no down time. our area is the biggest one too, the most walking, but being able to teach the people makes its worth it.. even if i cant really say that much.  Sorry if i don´t get back to all of you i have a lot of emails and not a lot of time, but just know i love ya guys!

This is where Ty is living, the bottom of the house with the red roof