Monday, July 27, 2015

Week uno
Hello family! ha ha I don't even know how to start, but It's crazy it's already been a week since I left. It's weird cause it feels short yet long at the same time.. 
 Anyways to answer your questions I didn't get too see cayson at the airport unfortunately. My flight was literally right next to his flight and I was chilling in the airport looking around for some more missionaries, but they decided to switch the terminal to like N 5 or something.. I went over to N 5 but they had just boarded the plane.. I was about to run past security to see him, but figured that would be a bad Idea..
 So Sundays are pretty layed back and my P days are on Thursday.. But every other day we work like craaazy! like there is not a second that I'm not busy.. even at night and I'll be honest I haven't even thought about my phone it honestly feels no different without it haha i didn't think it would be like that.. from all of the MTC horror stories I thought it would be a lot worse here, but honestly it's not bad. I got lucky and got some awesome roommates and an awesome companion.. WE study Spanish every single day and like a lot of classes are doctrine classes, but our teachers barely speak English so we also learn in Spanish in those doctrine classes.. basically the whole day is Spanish because not many people here can speak English ha ha. The food here is excellent, we have rice and beans and meat every day for lunch and honestly its super good! So my Spanish is coming pretty decent.. I'm definitely not the best in the class, but I'm also not the worst. Fortunately mi compenero is a good Spanish speaker and he's been able to teach my quite a bit. The only times i get down are the times i don't feel like i know the language well enough.. Like we teach these mock investigators in Spanish and i can only pitch in every once in a while, I have to remember just to take things at my own pace and be the best TY BEARD I can be. 
Thank you guys for all the little happy notes and pictures in my bags they're nice and make me think of home. Honestly I haven't been homesick.. Don't get me wrong I miss you guys, but it doesn't affect my eating (which is like more than I've ever eaten I've been hungry) sleep or study.. I just more or less smile when i think of you guys ya know.  Actually the turtle you hid in my bag has become our room pet. His name is Rafael, and we hide him around our room and throughout the mtc (which is pretty small, but literally 100 yards from the temple we are literally on temple grounds) I've made like this little family sanctuary in my room and I'll send you guys pictures of it.. Man i've been looking forward to emailing you guys all week! So this morning we got to go to the temple and do a session it was a super nice experience and a beautiful temple. Another thing we do is go to the park at nights and give out pamphlets to people in the park.. the park isn't what you'd expect it's so stinking lit up and theres like super colorful little play buildings everywhere, It reminds me of some kind of Dr. Seuss land It feels like I'm in a dream every time. the people are usually willing to talk there, but one lady was like ahh I'm Catholic so we were like.. ahhh ok.. awkward. Then we saw a couple making out in a dark corner and I wanted to go give them a pamphlet in our crappy Spanish but elder auger wasn't down lol... Auger is my companion by the way!
 Overall my experience has been pretty good Some days are long (especially the days i can't stay awake) but our room has a lot of fun together.. I've made friends with most of the missionaries they're good guys and I'm getting pretty close to them.. I'll send you some pictures of like the food and my companions and room and the temple.. Sorry this is kind of rushed I've gotta think of everything to type within the 40 minutes ha ha i feel kind of rushed! I love you guys and miss ya like crazy. Read D&C 100:1 

First companion, Elder Auger

Elder Kitchen and Elder Beard

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