Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 15th 2015.

We dropped Elder Beard off at the airport in Salt Lake today
 he will fly to New York, then onto the Dominican Republic. He arrived there around 4 am and got to bed around 5, then up again to start the day...

                                                                          This is what we heard form him Thursday July 16th       Sister Romney got mad we didn't email you the morning we got here haha, but i'll have to wait until the next P day to email ya again. I like it so far the flying sucked, but I met some good people, the kid from Delta is in my room with me and I've got a pretty cool companion.. I'm super tired though which makes it hard cause I got here at 5 am and had 1 hour of sleep so yea you know I need my sleep.. I'll sleep good tonight and tomorrow be more focused and I'm excited. Love ya guys  and I'll hit you up next P day..
Sister Romney, Elder Beard and Brother Romney

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