Monday, August 31, 2015

1st Week in the field
When I got into the chapel we were all gathered around and i found out my next companion would be elder Hutchins. and guess people used to call him hutch too lol, Elder Hutchins is cool, we've been getting along pretty good so far and hes from grantsville.. hes a funny guy we tell a lot of jokes and sing a lotta songs on the streets.
 When i got to the house it was in this kind of ghetto looking neighborhood and the house smelt funny and was kind of dirty, this was my first impression. As we went through the week i find that our house actually isnt that bad, a lot of people have it a lot worse. and after i got set up in our house i got pretty comfortable and actually like it now. one weird thing tho.. we don't flush our tp.. nasty i know but that's the way it is, speaking of which earlier today i had to clean the bathroom and take out the tp bowl.. pretty disgusting!
 I´m literally in a constant sweat here. always humid and hot, bad at first but like everything else I'm getting used to it. Luckily we have fans and they are the best, we literally pack them around everywhere we are inside the house.. So out on the streets theres dogs everywhere! seeing the dogs at first made me pretty sad, the just walk around all sad and lay down wherever trying to pick up scraps.. i wondered about our dog and how they re always trying to get out, but honestly if they lived a couple days in the thug dog life they wouldn't ever leave the house!
 So our little house is right on this intersection and apparently its the designated party section. every night right on our street everyone gets drunk and blasts their music.. and Dominicans are LOUD haha serious no chill! theres a police station right next to our house but that doesn't seem to phase anyone. theres always cop lights outside our house .. every night and i look out but nothings happening they're just flashing their lights haha..
 Lots the Dominicans have the hots for me and my comp. its either cause of the money they assume we have (which we don't) or our extremely toned physiques.. but a lot of the dr people tell me i look like Justin bieber and I'm not sure how to take that, i just ignore and keep walking. also theres gay guys that always whistle at us.. the first day i was like what the crap was that and my companion was like DON'T LOOK.. crap i thought when i left America i was leaving all that lol.
 Also theres like millions of barber shops and for some reason every barber shop doubles as like a night dance club.. barber shop at day party at night.. everything here lights up at night. and we spend 2 hours out when its dark finishing up our teaching.. sometimes my bag gets snagged on something and i turn around ready to juto chop someone!
 Also nobody here can seem to pronounce beard lol they all say it burd. All these thoughts are my first impressions, as i got to know the people more they're actually very friendly and would do about anything for you. I'm not freaked out walking in the dark anymore or going into a sketchy looking part of the place, in fact the sketchiest places live the nicest people.. makes me appreciate what Ive got back home cause some of these people don't have anything..
 the zone were in is villa mella in the area of santa cruz. Google it, its not like the sparkling beaches you just searching the Dominican republic.. at least i don think itll be hah. So my Spanish is a solid below decent.  <i can understand a basic gyst of whats going on and can tell a very basic explanation of what i say.. its getting better though, I've been able to put into play more conjugations and stuff. i used to look forward to leaving the mtc, but now I'm looking forward to speaking the language, so i can REALLY get to know the people. This is some of the <hardest work I've done.. a lot lot lot of walking and no down time. our area is the biggest one too, the most walking, but being able to teach the people makes its worth it.. even if i cant really say that much.  Sorry if i don´t get back to all of you i have a lot of emails and not a lot of time, but just know i love ya guys!

This is where Ty is living, the bottom of the house with the red roof

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Week 6ish
So unfortunately last week i was planning on being able to send you guys an interesting email about splits and stuff, but i didn't actually get to go on splits.:( by the way splits is just were you go with missionaries who are out in the field and go around and teach. anyways we were at the mission home and everyone got taken except for 3 people and unfortunately i was one of those people.. fortunately the other was elder kitchen.. so we sat together and chatted for 5 hours in our rooms while everyone else went out on splits.. that's alright though cause i get to go on splits tomorrow and ill actually be out in the field on the 25th! which is so crazy.. anyways in the meantime me and elder kitchen just reminisced about good ol beaver while we were setting up our room for our district leaders birthday party.. I wish Elder Green was here too now im kinda ticked im gonna end up missing him, but i have a good feeling were all gonna meet up sometime down the road. But anyways for the birthday party.. so we set up balloons and like had chips and coke and this party hat for him and from like 930 to 10 we had a little missionary birthday party lol we were blasting out church music and talking about the splits everyone went on that day, and oh my gosh they had some stories.

 I'm so excited to get out into the field to make some of my own. and honestly i don't know how ill fit it all into a whole email haha! Also i think my next p day is on monday in the field? so ill be emailing on different days now.

 OH! Also i didn't end up gaining 10 pounds like i thought i did haha! i went back in later that p day in my gym clothes and only figured out i only gained 3 pounds or so lol, church clothes just way a lot i guess! but i still eat all the food and most people here are getting diarrhea from it but I'm still solid. But i will admit some of the food we eat is questionable, every week i get any kind of chicken like a stinking spine in it and its pretty disgusting actually, so i just eat around it.
 Ok so also we teach trc here which is just a lesson to old people missionaries and we teach ours to the dukes and they are seriously the nicest people. they send pics to our families or are going to and at the end of it all gave us a bag of candy and a note wishing us good luck...

 Also these last couple of days i have been making a name for myself at the mtc.. the name being barber beard.. So one night the AP elder Allen in our district asked for a haircut and i glady accepted of course lol, even though Ive never given one in my live. so i just kinda started going to town with the clippers and we did a 4 on top and 3 on the sides, but he was like hey we can go shorter on the sides lets do a 2... so i grab the next size down and begin cutting, to my surprise the 2 is much shorter than i thought, everyone in the room was freaking out and it actually turns out i grabbed a 1 size clipper, but it was too short to go around the rest of his head with a 1 so hes just got this little bald patch on the side of his head.. uhh not tooo noticeable, ill send you guys a pic lol.. but anyways the next day everyone complimented me on my handy work (many were sarcastic) but some genuinely appreciate the art. and believe it or not Ive got like 3 haircuts lined of over these next couple of days lol. Also president Romney complimented his haircut that night in prayer meeting in front of the whole mtc lol!
 Oh so one thing i find pretty funny is every Dominican (male and female) hate justin bieber.. like a lot lol, Ive asked all our chefs, teachers, custodians, and they all say he is gay.. which i cant argue with haha!
  So honestly i thought the mtc was gonna be terrible, but it wasn't at all.. Ive made some great friends here and had some good/spiritual times.. I'm gonna miss it but I'm so excited to finally get out into the field! My Spanish has improved so much from when i was first here, and i can understand mostly whats going on in a (spiritual) conversation.. But i know its gonna be completely different in the field.. I'm gonna be returning to base 1 in my Spanish, but i think its easier to learn when you absolutely have to speak it...
So sorry the emails kinda random and choppy, but I'm hoping next week i can get off a decent email with some real cool stories.. I have a lot more time to write so here's my mailing address:
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Mission
Elder Ty Beard
SDQ 4102
2250 NW 114 Ave Unit 1A
Miami Fl 33166
United States
Also id like to apologize once again for the lack of replying.. email time is seriously such a rush, but i hear out in the field i may get more time to email.. or less depending on the companion.. in the meantime I'm missing you all and thinking bout ya lots Hope things are going good for everyone:)
This is our son, he looks like he is himself, making a good time

Yup, some things never change

The haircut, poor Elder

This is not a "small bald patch". good thing boys hair grows fast

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Week 4!
Already been out for a month and I can't believe it ! They don't kid when they say time flies by when you're doing work.. Although I haven't been doing a whole lot of work out in the actual field just learning work and stuff here at the MTC lol.
 I've been eating a lot, I've actually already put on 10 lbs so I'm not sure if that's good lol, but they say you loose like 25 pounds when you get out in the field so I've gotta pack it up and stuff! they feed us good so ya know i have to eat it lol!
 So Not a whole lot has happened this week and it feels just like yesterday I was writing.. I apologize if i haven't gotten back to ya or if the emails haven't been super sentimental, cause They seriously don't give you enough time here.. But i have plenty of time to write so send me some letters ;D.
  Here at the MTC not a whole lot has changed.. still working on language and gospel every day, but this week, actually tomorrow, we get to go on splits with the other missionaries, and man I've heard some crazy stories lol, so next email hopefully ill have some stories to tell ya.. Also we just had the group of earlier guys leave the mtc.. said goodbye to a few elders and in came some new ones.. one kids from enterprise. Also at the store next to dandruff shampoo i bought a bunch of nutella and oreos.. we literally live off of nutella here and i like to dip the oreos in the nutella, along with my other roommates.. could be one of the factors of my weight gain, but it's worth it.. Also Who knew! tide togo can take out blood out of white shirts.. this stuff works wonders haha! so my companion gets really into being the dominant tickler and elder Campbell ( the Jamaican elder) questioned his authority so he tickled elder Campbell into a wall until his lip started bleeding lol, all fun in games though he was laughing with bloody teeth.. Also I've been getting along with everyone here.. were all kind of anxious to get out into the field, but lately everyone has been noticing my long tongue. They come and ask to see it and freak out when they see how long it really is.. One Latino sister said i looked like gene Simmons lol, i told her i was him for Halloween once!
 So Another cool thing that happened this week was last Friday when we went to the university.. its a huge place and last time it went super well so this time i was all pumped to go.. my companion and i go and we talk to a couple of guys and look at each other like idk why but I'm just not feeling it. so we went behind a little shack and said a prayer and went directly to the next person sitting down.. we talked to her and she wanted to learn more and more.. it was an awesome feeling.. She had to take a quick phone call, but when she was on it some random Dominican lady came over and said hi to us, when the lady we were teaching got off the phone the Dominican woman bore her testimony about the church and was like bawling and i was like cha bruh this prayer is being answered. the lady was super interested. we gave her a book of Mormon and a pamphlet and she began reading the introduction.. we about walked away with the pamphlet but she was like hey i still want that lol.. after getting all of her contact info my companion and i walked away and fist bumped and started singing God's not dead haha! it was such an awesome thing to finally see someone so receptive and wanting to learn more.. I'm a little bummed though i wanna know where she goes with it and like if she ends up getting baptized or what! oh well maybe someday.. 
The language is coming along decently, there was one point in time this week i got pretty frustrated, but i noticed most gospel stuff talks about patience.. so i just took a deep breath counted til 5 until i felt all good inside then i was alright for the rest of the week.. I'm definitely not the best speaker here, I'm also not the worst, but i know ill get it and i well all get it.. just takes patience and time.. I miss you guys and hope every things going well back home:) until next week!

Glad to see nothing has changed, he is still Ty as seen in his pictures

Here are some pictures sent to us from one of Elder Beards teachers, Sister Garcia.
This is his district, she says they are united as a district and have a really good relationship.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

So Week 3
This week hasn't been extremely eventful, but I guess we can't expect much to happen while here in the MTC, the nice thing is, we were actually able to get out this week and walk to the university. It's about 10 minute walk from the MTC and and it's like this huge place! Once again as we were walking the traffic was insane, the people and roads are crazy they just honk like mad lol! all the street vendors want us to buy their food and its slightly tempting ;) but getting worms don't sound like too much fun either. So while we were at the university there were lots of people walking around, elder auger and I just went up to some people and started talking, The guy was studying graphic design, and I was like Hey my dad does graphic design, I explained to him is some super choppy Spanish that you guys printed T shirts and they seemed to understand, I Can understand a lot better than I can speak so far and I've been able to pick most words out of a sentence and kind of understand what the people were saying. To talk to them takes me a little bit, but I eventually am able to get my point across. Slowly improving.
 So we talked to about 8 people at the university and handed out 2 books of Mormon's, most people there were pretty receptive (if thats a word) , but one lady we were talking to and she was listening, then we talked to her about modern prophets (idk Why) but she went crazy on us and just blabbered like one of Grus minions for like 1 minute, she gave us this sappy smile, I looked over to my companion and said you catch any of that, were like nope and said it was nice meeting you and went on our way lol, I think she was insulting us but guess what! we had no clue what she said so BOOM! lol
 So the power here shuts off all the time! and the rain turns off and on like a light switch, one second nothing the next its raining like mad! and outside it smelt like frogs! We were actually walking by the temple the other day and this massive lizard ran across the sidewalk, this thing was like 4 feet long too, I wanted to catch it, but it outran me.
 So pretty much this whole time at the MTC to make things less boring we refer to things as if we were living in the movie Shrek. Our shower is our swamp , because theres this never ending pool  of body juice that just sits there,, it stinks and i now have athletes foot from it.. Our bathroom is named Dulock. We also quote the Chris Farley EL NINO skit a lot lol! Seriously this stay at the MTC has been going by so fast, the other elders that got here earlier are leaving tuesday and we only have 2 weeks left here! I'm excited to get into the field and actually see the Dominican Republic!
I'm always thinking bout you guys and writing in my journal every night for ya,
 I love and miss ya and I also took some more pictures for ya:) hope you guys have an awesome week you're in my prayers

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Week  2
So this week was pretty good although there wasn't a whole lot new that happened.. It's pretty much the same here in the MTC, and yes it is super humid.. like you can swing your arm through the air and come up with a cup of water.. supa dupa cray cray.
 So throughout this week we've had good days and bad days, and believe it or not last p day was one of my worst days of the week cause I was all depressed I had to rush my email and didn't have time to get to everyone.. After that though most of the day's have been pretty fun! Occasionally I'll get down when i remember my lack of Spanish skills, but it's all coming. Most of my days here have been super fun, and I'm thinking it's cause I've got a pretty good district. In my room every night we have some conversation about movie quotes or whatever. and we all learned how to sing children go.. My companion is awesome he's always helping me out with the language and we've gotten to be good friends.
 So couple things that happened this week': ill start off with the Haitian elders. so there were 2 Haitian elders who were leaving this week That we've all gotten to become really good Friends with.. While we were in class (one speaks a little English the other doesn't) the one who could speak English came up and bore his testimony. although it wasn't super proper it was super powerful.. We then proceeded to ask the other one what words he learned in English and he told us he knew a few words. They werent very nice so we told him he could not say them. lol. Next, I have a teacher whose a funny guy named maestro Ramirez and maestro Ramirez always has some kind of scripture to tell us.. he was telling us how crappy American fast food was and i asked him if he's ever had a hot n spicy stacked on a McDouble? he just said Alma 18:25... look that one up lol.
 Earlier this week we had a health seminar and the overall message was be careful where you go, eat, drink or you'll die.. cool bruh, he told us it is likely you'll be assaulted lol! The food here is still good.. we still have rice and beans every day for lunch. That night for dinner I was super excited as the sweet aroma of bacon filled my nostrils.. I go over to the feast table and what do ya know? Dominican's eat their bacon raw.. like it looked like he fried it up in the microwave for 30 seconds.. It was still bacon so i ate it, but not as good as mama's bacon. Sunday's are pretty fun here we just chill most of the day and we watch some kind of church video It's pretty nice. The days here are super busy, I'll actually send you a pic of my desk (and the Haitian elders) but the business kinda makes the day go by fast, seriously this week has gone by so fast and my Spanish is slowly improving, I'm kind of being able to make out what people are saying and stuff. 
2 Days ago we walked down to the store.. The whole mtc like 70 Mormons just walking down the street, It was pretty big like they had a lot of stuff. I loaded up on jollly ranchers and air heads. On the way back i noticed how crazy Dominican drivers were like, they are strait savage on the horn honkin 2/47, a little bit farther down the street there was an ambulance behind like 3 cars, so our teacher (big buff Dominican guy) gets out in the road and slaps the hood of the cars in front of it and like directed them onto the sidewalk and some guy in a motorbike pulled into the middle of an intersection and like directed traffic it was so funny!
 So believe it or not I'm doing good without my phone, haven't even had any phantom vibrations, but I'm having music withdraws. I've heard children go like a million times and my favorite thing to jam out to now is "'youll be in my heart!!! Sometimes when were giving out pamphlets in the park well hear some upbeat Dominican music and always break out in spontaneous dance.
Well Just want you guys to know I miss ya and love ya lots, i can feel your prayers and it motivates me in the bad times.. I dream bout ya guys lots it feels really real, I miss and think about ya lots, but Its not affecting my everyday performance so thats good.  Tell Otis HI and also if any ones wondering like the Langfords i have been reading their letters just don't have time to reply sometimes
First letter from Mom...Just took 2 weeks

The desk

Cheesing it with the Haitian Elders