Monday, August 31, 2015

1st Week in the field
When I got into the chapel we were all gathered around and i found out my next companion would be elder Hutchins. and guess people used to call him hutch too lol, Elder Hutchins is cool, we've been getting along pretty good so far and hes from grantsville.. hes a funny guy we tell a lot of jokes and sing a lotta songs on the streets.
 When i got to the house it was in this kind of ghetto looking neighborhood and the house smelt funny and was kind of dirty, this was my first impression. As we went through the week i find that our house actually isnt that bad, a lot of people have it a lot worse. and after i got set up in our house i got pretty comfortable and actually like it now. one weird thing tho.. we don't flush our tp.. nasty i know but that's the way it is, speaking of which earlier today i had to clean the bathroom and take out the tp bowl.. pretty disgusting!
 I´m literally in a constant sweat here. always humid and hot, bad at first but like everything else I'm getting used to it. Luckily we have fans and they are the best, we literally pack them around everywhere we are inside the house.. So out on the streets theres dogs everywhere! seeing the dogs at first made me pretty sad, the just walk around all sad and lay down wherever trying to pick up scraps.. i wondered about our dog and how they re always trying to get out, but honestly if they lived a couple days in the thug dog life they wouldn't ever leave the house!
 So our little house is right on this intersection and apparently its the designated party section. every night right on our street everyone gets drunk and blasts their music.. and Dominicans are LOUD haha serious no chill! theres a police station right next to our house but that doesn't seem to phase anyone. theres always cop lights outside our house .. every night and i look out but nothings happening they're just flashing their lights haha..
 Lots the Dominicans have the hots for me and my comp. its either cause of the money they assume we have (which we don't) or our extremely toned physiques.. but a lot of the dr people tell me i look like Justin bieber and I'm not sure how to take that, i just ignore and keep walking. also theres gay guys that always whistle at us.. the first day i was like what the crap was that and my companion was like DON'T LOOK.. crap i thought when i left America i was leaving all that lol.
 Also theres like millions of barber shops and for some reason every barber shop doubles as like a night dance club.. barber shop at day party at night.. everything here lights up at night. and we spend 2 hours out when its dark finishing up our teaching.. sometimes my bag gets snagged on something and i turn around ready to juto chop someone!
 Also nobody here can seem to pronounce beard lol they all say it burd. All these thoughts are my first impressions, as i got to know the people more they're actually very friendly and would do about anything for you. I'm not freaked out walking in the dark anymore or going into a sketchy looking part of the place, in fact the sketchiest places live the nicest people.. makes me appreciate what Ive got back home cause some of these people don't have anything..
 the zone were in is villa mella in the area of santa cruz. Google it, its not like the sparkling beaches you just searching the Dominican republic.. at least i don think itll be hah. So my Spanish is a solid below decent.  <i can understand a basic gyst of whats going on and can tell a very basic explanation of what i say.. its getting better though, I've been able to put into play more conjugations and stuff. i used to look forward to leaving the mtc, but now I'm looking forward to speaking the language, so i can REALLY get to know the people. This is some of the <hardest work I've done.. a lot lot lot of walking and no down time. our area is the biggest one too, the most walking, but being able to teach the people makes its worth it.. even if i cant really say that much.  Sorry if i don´t get back to all of you i have a lot of emails and not a lot of time, but just know i love ya guys!

This is where Ty is living, the bottom of the house with the red roof

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