Saturday, August 22, 2015

Week 6ish
So unfortunately last week i was planning on being able to send you guys an interesting email about splits and stuff, but i didn't actually get to go on splits.:( by the way splits is just were you go with missionaries who are out in the field and go around and teach. anyways we were at the mission home and everyone got taken except for 3 people and unfortunately i was one of those people.. fortunately the other was elder kitchen.. so we sat together and chatted for 5 hours in our rooms while everyone else went out on splits.. that's alright though cause i get to go on splits tomorrow and ill actually be out in the field on the 25th! which is so crazy.. anyways in the meantime me and elder kitchen just reminisced about good ol beaver while we were setting up our room for our district leaders birthday party.. I wish Elder Green was here too now im kinda ticked im gonna end up missing him, but i have a good feeling were all gonna meet up sometime down the road. But anyways for the birthday party.. so we set up balloons and like had chips and coke and this party hat for him and from like 930 to 10 we had a little missionary birthday party lol we were blasting out church music and talking about the splits everyone went on that day, and oh my gosh they had some stories.

 I'm so excited to get out into the field to make some of my own. and honestly i don't know how ill fit it all into a whole email haha! Also i think my next p day is on monday in the field? so ill be emailing on different days now.

 OH! Also i didn't end up gaining 10 pounds like i thought i did haha! i went back in later that p day in my gym clothes and only figured out i only gained 3 pounds or so lol, church clothes just way a lot i guess! but i still eat all the food and most people here are getting diarrhea from it but I'm still solid. But i will admit some of the food we eat is questionable, every week i get any kind of chicken like a stinking spine in it and its pretty disgusting actually, so i just eat around it.
 Ok so also we teach trc here which is just a lesson to old people missionaries and we teach ours to the dukes and they are seriously the nicest people. they send pics to our families or are going to and at the end of it all gave us a bag of candy and a note wishing us good luck...

 Also these last couple of days i have been making a name for myself at the mtc.. the name being barber beard.. So one night the AP elder Allen in our district asked for a haircut and i glady accepted of course lol, even though Ive never given one in my live. so i just kinda started going to town with the clippers and we did a 4 on top and 3 on the sides, but he was like hey we can go shorter on the sides lets do a 2... so i grab the next size down and begin cutting, to my surprise the 2 is much shorter than i thought, everyone in the room was freaking out and it actually turns out i grabbed a 1 size clipper, but it was too short to go around the rest of his head with a 1 so hes just got this little bald patch on the side of his head.. uhh not tooo noticeable, ill send you guys a pic lol.. but anyways the next day everyone complimented me on my handy work (many were sarcastic) but some genuinely appreciate the art. and believe it or not Ive got like 3 haircuts lined of over these next couple of days lol. Also president Romney complimented his haircut that night in prayer meeting in front of the whole mtc lol!
 Oh so one thing i find pretty funny is every Dominican (male and female) hate justin bieber.. like a lot lol, Ive asked all our chefs, teachers, custodians, and they all say he is gay.. which i cant argue with haha!
  So honestly i thought the mtc was gonna be terrible, but it wasn't at all.. Ive made some great friends here and had some good/spiritual times.. I'm gonna miss it but I'm so excited to finally get out into the field! My Spanish has improved so much from when i was first here, and i can understand mostly whats going on in a (spiritual) conversation.. But i know its gonna be completely different in the field.. I'm gonna be returning to base 1 in my Spanish, but i think its easier to learn when you absolutely have to speak it...
So sorry the emails kinda random and choppy, but I'm hoping next week i can get off a decent email with some real cool stories.. I have a lot more time to write so here's my mailing address:
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Mission
Elder Ty Beard
SDQ 4102
2250 NW 114 Ave Unit 1A
Miami Fl 33166
United States
Also id like to apologize once again for the lack of replying.. email time is seriously such a rush, but i hear out in the field i may get more time to email.. or less depending on the companion.. in the meantime I'm missing you all and thinking bout ya lots Hope things are going good for everyone:)
This is our son, he looks like he is himself, making a good time

Yup, some things never change

The haircut, poor Elder

This is not a "small bald patch". good thing boys hair grows fast

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