Thursday, August 6, 2015

So Week 3
This week hasn't been extremely eventful, but I guess we can't expect much to happen while here in the MTC, the nice thing is, we were actually able to get out this week and walk to the university. It's about 10 minute walk from the MTC and and it's like this huge place! Once again as we were walking the traffic was insane, the people and roads are crazy they just honk like mad lol! all the street vendors want us to buy their food and its slightly tempting ;) but getting worms don't sound like too much fun either. So while we were at the university there were lots of people walking around, elder auger and I just went up to some people and started talking, The guy was studying graphic design, and I was like Hey my dad does graphic design, I explained to him is some super choppy Spanish that you guys printed T shirts and they seemed to understand, I Can understand a lot better than I can speak so far and I've been able to pick most words out of a sentence and kind of understand what the people were saying. To talk to them takes me a little bit, but I eventually am able to get my point across. Slowly improving.
 So we talked to about 8 people at the university and handed out 2 books of Mormon's, most people there were pretty receptive (if thats a word) , but one lady we were talking to and she was listening, then we talked to her about modern prophets (idk Why) but she went crazy on us and just blabbered like one of Grus minions for like 1 minute, she gave us this sappy smile, I looked over to my companion and said you catch any of that, were like nope and said it was nice meeting you and went on our way lol, I think she was insulting us but guess what! we had no clue what she said so BOOM! lol
 So the power here shuts off all the time! and the rain turns off and on like a light switch, one second nothing the next its raining like mad! and outside it smelt like frogs! We were actually walking by the temple the other day and this massive lizard ran across the sidewalk, this thing was like 4 feet long too, I wanted to catch it, but it outran me.
 So pretty much this whole time at the MTC to make things less boring we refer to things as if we were living in the movie Shrek. Our shower is our swamp , because theres this never ending pool  of body juice that just sits there,, it stinks and i now have athletes foot from it.. Our bathroom is named Dulock. We also quote the Chris Farley EL NINO skit a lot lol! Seriously this stay at the MTC has been going by so fast, the other elders that got here earlier are leaving tuesday and we only have 2 weeks left here! I'm excited to get into the field and actually see the Dominican Republic!
I'm always thinking bout you guys and writing in my journal every night for ya,
 I love and miss ya and I also took some more pictures for ya:) hope you guys have an awesome week you're in my prayers

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