Saturday, August 1, 2015

Week  2
So this week was pretty good although there wasn't a whole lot new that happened.. It's pretty much the same here in the MTC, and yes it is super humid.. like you can swing your arm through the air and come up with a cup of water.. supa dupa cray cray.
 So throughout this week we've had good days and bad days, and believe it or not last p day was one of my worst days of the week cause I was all depressed I had to rush my email and didn't have time to get to everyone.. After that though most of the day's have been pretty fun! Occasionally I'll get down when i remember my lack of Spanish skills, but it's all coming. Most of my days here have been super fun, and I'm thinking it's cause I've got a pretty good district. In my room every night we have some conversation about movie quotes or whatever. and we all learned how to sing children go.. My companion is awesome he's always helping me out with the language and we've gotten to be good friends.
 So couple things that happened this week': ill start off with the Haitian elders. so there were 2 Haitian elders who were leaving this week That we've all gotten to become really good Friends with.. While we were in class (one speaks a little English the other doesn't) the one who could speak English came up and bore his testimony. although it wasn't super proper it was super powerful.. We then proceeded to ask the other one what words he learned in English and he told us he knew a few words. They werent very nice so we told him he could not say them. lol. Next, I have a teacher whose a funny guy named maestro Ramirez and maestro Ramirez always has some kind of scripture to tell us.. he was telling us how crappy American fast food was and i asked him if he's ever had a hot n spicy stacked on a McDouble? he just said Alma 18:25... look that one up lol.
 Earlier this week we had a health seminar and the overall message was be careful where you go, eat, drink or you'll die.. cool bruh, he told us it is likely you'll be assaulted lol! The food here is still good.. we still have rice and beans every day for lunch. That night for dinner I was super excited as the sweet aroma of bacon filled my nostrils.. I go over to the feast table and what do ya know? Dominican's eat their bacon raw.. like it looked like he fried it up in the microwave for 30 seconds.. It was still bacon so i ate it, but not as good as mama's bacon. Sunday's are pretty fun here we just chill most of the day and we watch some kind of church video It's pretty nice. The days here are super busy, I'll actually send you a pic of my desk (and the Haitian elders) but the business kinda makes the day go by fast, seriously this week has gone by so fast and my Spanish is slowly improving, I'm kind of being able to make out what people are saying and stuff. 
2 Days ago we walked down to the store.. The whole mtc like 70 Mormons just walking down the street, It was pretty big like they had a lot of stuff. I loaded up on jollly ranchers and air heads. On the way back i noticed how crazy Dominican drivers were like, they are strait savage on the horn honkin 2/47, a little bit farther down the street there was an ambulance behind like 3 cars, so our teacher (big buff Dominican guy) gets out in the road and slaps the hood of the cars in front of it and like directed them onto the sidewalk and some guy in a motorbike pulled into the middle of an intersection and like directed traffic it was so funny!
 So believe it or not I'm doing good without my phone, haven't even had any phantom vibrations, but I'm having music withdraws. I've heard children go like a million times and my favorite thing to jam out to now is "'youll be in my heart!!! Sometimes when were giving out pamphlets in the park well hear some upbeat Dominican music and always break out in spontaneous dance.
Well Just want you guys to know I miss ya and love ya lots, i can feel your prayers and it motivates me in the bad times.. I dream bout ya guys lots it feels really real, I miss and think about ya lots, but Its not affecting my everyday performance so thats good.  Tell Otis HI and also if any ones wondering like the Langfords i have been reading their letters just don't have time to reply sometimes
First letter from Mom...Just took 2 weeks

The desk

Cheesing it with the Haitian Elders

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