Saturday, August 15, 2015

Week 4!
Already been out for a month and I can't believe it ! They don't kid when they say time flies by when you're doing work.. Although I haven't been doing a whole lot of work out in the actual field just learning work and stuff here at the MTC lol.
 I've been eating a lot, I've actually already put on 10 lbs so I'm not sure if that's good lol, but they say you loose like 25 pounds when you get out in the field so I've gotta pack it up and stuff! they feed us good so ya know i have to eat it lol!
 So Not a whole lot has happened this week and it feels just like yesterday I was writing.. I apologize if i haven't gotten back to ya or if the emails haven't been super sentimental, cause They seriously don't give you enough time here.. But i have plenty of time to write so send me some letters ;D.
  Here at the MTC not a whole lot has changed.. still working on language and gospel every day, but this week, actually tomorrow, we get to go on splits with the other missionaries, and man I've heard some crazy stories lol, so next email hopefully ill have some stories to tell ya.. Also we just had the group of earlier guys leave the mtc.. said goodbye to a few elders and in came some new ones.. one kids from enterprise. Also at the store next to dandruff shampoo i bought a bunch of nutella and oreos.. we literally live off of nutella here and i like to dip the oreos in the nutella, along with my other roommates.. could be one of the factors of my weight gain, but it's worth it.. Also Who knew! tide togo can take out blood out of white shirts.. this stuff works wonders haha! so my companion gets really into being the dominant tickler and elder Campbell ( the Jamaican elder) questioned his authority so he tickled elder Campbell into a wall until his lip started bleeding lol, all fun in games though he was laughing with bloody teeth.. Also I've been getting along with everyone here.. were all kind of anxious to get out into the field, but lately everyone has been noticing my long tongue. They come and ask to see it and freak out when they see how long it really is.. One Latino sister said i looked like gene Simmons lol, i told her i was him for Halloween once!
 So Another cool thing that happened this week was last Friday when we went to the university.. its a huge place and last time it went super well so this time i was all pumped to go.. my companion and i go and we talk to a couple of guys and look at each other like idk why but I'm just not feeling it. so we went behind a little shack and said a prayer and went directly to the next person sitting down.. we talked to her and she wanted to learn more and more.. it was an awesome feeling.. She had to take a quick phone call, but when she was on it some random Dominican lady came over and said hi to us, when the lady we were teaching got off the phone the Dominican woman bore her testimony about the church and was like bawling and i was like cha bruh this prayer is being answered. the lady was super interested. we gave her a book of Mormon and a pamphlet and she began reading the introduction.. we about walked away with the pamphlet but she was like hey i still want that lol.. after getting all of her contact info my companion and i walked away and fist bumped and started singing God's not dead haha! it was such an awesome thing to finally see someone so receptive and wanting to learn more.. I'm a little bummed though i wanna know where she goes with it and like if she ends up getting baptized or what! oh well maybe someday.. 
The language is coming along decently, there was one point in time this week i got pretty frustrated, but i noticed most gospel stuff talks about patience.. so i just took a deep breath counted til 5 until i felt all good inside then i was alright for the rest of the week.. I'm definitely not the best speaker here, I'm also not the worst, but i know ill get it and i well all get it.. just takes patience and time.. I miss you guys and hope every things going well back home:) until next week!

Glad to see nothing has changed, he is still Ty as seen in his pictures

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