Tuesday, September 15, 2015

So Week 3 in the field
This week flew by super fast! It feels like i was just here emailing, so there's really not a whole lot i can think of this week.. although i think the reason it was going by so fast was cause it was a good week. i was feeling pretty motivated and the language was coming along well.. I was able to teach the first vision this week and pre mortal life and it actually went pretty well, the people we taught too seemed to understand what i was saying and enjoyed it... It felt real good! Also a funny story this week, We taught this guy and he was a little bit too friendly.. turns out he was just a preacher of another church, one of those weird churches that don't eat meat.. so anyways were having a discussion hes bombing us with questions of Mormons, like questions of Joseph smith, the book of Mormon, our belief on bible etc.. at this point i didn't know about his other religion,, i thought he was just oddly super interested haha.. so he asks us what food we eat and my comp just says ya know a healthy diet yady yady ya and i thought man this guy probably thinks Mormons are one of those weird religions that think pig is of the devil so i made clear right away.. told him i ate the nose of a pig the other day!! and it was really fat! and they were just like uhhh ok lol, after my comp told me out of every food you had to say pork!! they Hate pork hah!
 So What else.. i still haven't gotten mugged so no cool stories of that.. i bought some popcorn and hot sauce at the store this week and also took a picture with the guy who makes our street food and pig nose.. his name is willie! Hes the one standing next to me.. the guy sitting next to me is one of the many drunk guys who wanted a picture taken of him haha! Also I´ll send a picture of me with a little Dominican family, i gave them a bunch of little ctr rings and they all call me Barba! haha They´re funny kids
 So once again I apologise if I don't get back to everyone.. the Internet here is a pain! But I hope every things going great..Thank you guys for everything!
Elder Beard

some of the wildlife


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