Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 2 of the field
So this week was a good week. Once again I´m glad to have my companion he´s an awesome guy! we have a lot of fun walking around in the hot humid every day, making jokes and singing songs. We miss the cool, he more than i cause hes missed a whole year of Christmas.
 so theres not a whole lot of exciting things that happened this week, theres a lady in here that's been yelling the whole time I've been trying to write these emails its driving me nuts i cant think strait hah, but like with driving and everything, I've almost been hit so many times I'm just used to it now, they love motorbikes, almost every family has one and they pop wheelies everywhere, and drive into the stores on the sides of the street and on the sidewalk and anywhere they can fit with them. and they wash them every day! so nothing too interesting happened this week, except some crazy drunk guy was shaking my hand and wouldn't let go, i tried walking away from him but he strait up double gripped my arm and wouldn't let me go, i was just about to karate chop him haha, but i just kept walking and gave a good yank and he let me go, but he watched and yelled for us literally until we were out of site, hopefully he doesn't find out where we live haha..
 anyways this week theres a guy out our window who uses our power to cook food, his name is willie and his food place is like a party every night, everyone loves it and like to drink around it and eat.. we literally order from him right out our window.. so this week i ate some pig snout.. and it was alright, tasted porky, but it was really fatty  and not super great.
o more about the investigators. This week We had afew more people contacted, but our most promising people are C and A, these two we met this week and they've really been wanting to hear more. we invited them to baptism and to church and they agreed to both, and C came to church this week, late, but he came and he had like a 15 minute walk from his house. The next is Y and M.Y really wants to be baptised, but the problem is they aren't married, in fact its rare to find a couple in the country that is married. C and A aren't either. they call them their wife but are never legally wedded, were trying to get M an Y to be married, but M is so nervous he doest want to commit, although hes been with her forever and they have 4 kids! The last is J, and she listens and enjoys our visits, shes a little nervous about baptism but we're working with her towards it.. all these guys baptisms are set for October.. These guys are the ones looking most progressing. We´ve been working hard to get more investigators, but it´s not always easy.. one day we literally walked for 3 hours in the sun, up hills and talked to 30 plus houses. every last one of them said no they didn't wanna hear nada. It was kind of a pain, but later this week we were able to get a few more who have been doing pretty good. It´s not easy work, in fact its the hardest Ive worked in my life, every night I'm absolutely exhausted, but to see like C come to church for the first time makes all of that worth it. It would also be a little less exhausting if i knew the language better, I've been improving, and able to share a lot more and actually teach bits and pieces, but I'm not very patient with myself i wanna speak better and it frustrates me at time to have the language barrier. as for understanding i have been doing pretty well. Some people speak a lot slurryer and faster than others and i have a hard time with that, but for the most part its been pretty good.
 I've had a couple of bad days, but the days that are good outweigh them. Its always good to hear whats going on at home, but today i don't know if ill be able to get back to many people again. the Internet in the cafe has been down this whole time ive been writing this letter and it doesn't look like its gonna come back on.. i actually hope i can get this letter out. anyways i love ya guys and thank ya for everything. hope its all going well back home! Ok so the Internets not gonna be working so ill add on more things i think of.
 so for transportation we usually walk, but our area is big like if we were to walk from one end to another it'd take us an hour and a half. so if we have a lesson on the other side of the town we´ll hop into a car.. these little cars they call taxis. they also drive crazy, and theyre just like a bunch of beater cars ha, but they're everywhere. they cost 25 pesos to ride in and they fill them to the brim with people. luckily we also have a metro that has 3 stops in our area. we take the metro a bunch too, its 20 pesos and it has AC so its usually preferable.Ok so the internets not gonna end up working so i wont be able to reply personally to anyone this week.. were saving it onto a flash drive and coming back later when the internet works to send it to everyone. sorry apparently Internets out everywhere.

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