Wednesday, September 23, 2015

WEEK 4 in the Field
Well this has been a pretty good week ! once again it flew by like nothing and a couple funny things happened ill have to tell you guys about..
 So first off its been raining here.. like non stop so much rain.. if its not raining hard its raining a light sprinkle.. So This week to C we were able to share the BoM with C.. He loves Moroni! so we showed him Moroni 10. 3 4 5 and i asked him why he thought Moroni Said that.. it was what we called an inspired question or a question from heaven hah, but unfortunately i didn't really understand his response well, i could tell it was a good one, and after Elder Hutchins told me he said it sounded like he was writing to us like we knew wed have questions.. i was like wow i didn't expect that good of a response haha!
 Anyways a couple funnies this week. Theres a little boy named J and hes a kid of some members, the members are really good people, y and J. Anyways he pooped on the floor.. like just walked over and pooped, you'd have to been there to see the parents faces it was hilarious.. So Another funny. I was sick this week.. So we went on the big metro to go to the offices, we get on the metro and i feel terrible, like I'm going to vomit.. so the metro is already packed and two hugle ladies come on either side of me and totally squish me! my face went white and Elder Hutchins found me a seat.. I heaved a couple times and the whole train just started freaking out.. like it was silent before and they all started talking. And i closed my eyes and re opened them and everyone was staring at me! like everyone, all of a sudden a security guard was on the bus trying to like carry me off, but i was fine i just was gagged a couple of times.. So after we get off the bus all the other missionaries were like oh my gosh the train was so ticked at us, elder a said a guy came up to him and said in broken English "your friend very sick. need medical attention. I call nine eleven now" and they're all like noooo! Also other Dominicans were like its just cause hes American, if he were Dominican nobody would have cared.. I just thought it was so funny how everyone over reacted.. Also today we went to these caves called Los Tres ohos they were super cool ill try to get pics, but I'm kinda out of time this week on emails. also sorry i wont be able to reply to you guys this week, i don't know where the time went.. But i love ya guys and thank ya for everything, hope every things going well Back home!
Elder Beard

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