Monday, October 26, 2015

Ok So this week
This week not a whole lot went down,
 For us or our progressing investigators, we had a good number show up to Church, but all of a sudden our main investigators just dropped off the earth,, we went to c, o, and r house every week and called them every day, but we couldn't find them any where! its really disappointing to work that hard and then just poof nothing! But R did show up to church, hopefully we can get things rolling here again.
 Like I said this week was pretty average, it went by really fast, and it was fun, but nothing too out of the ordinary happened! This week was elder Hutchins B Day though! I made him cookies and they weren't the best so we took them outside to all the Dominicans that night, and they were gone in 2 seconds, they were like dumbfounded that i actually baked them, they thought i bought them at the store lol, so maybe ill have to make some more!
 Carl didn't appear this week, i hope hes not dead.
 But today we did get to go to a big tourist attraction called El Conde, its the  big Columbus statue place you find when you google the DR, ill send you some pictures! I preached to a little tithing boy in this huge catholic church, the church is Gothic style and been around since like Columbus days haha.
 So the Spanish coming along slowly, sometimes better than others, its pretty tough, but for the most part I'm able to get across what i need to say! So sorry for the boring letter this week! Not necessarily a boring week, just not a whole lot happened!
Hope every ones doing great back home and safe, as always love ya,
Elder Beard

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week Something,
Well this week was a hard working, but good week! first off i feel more like a babysitter this week than a missionary haha, every house we go to the kids love us, and attack us and steal my notebook and draw in it and they´re just crazy, but its pretty nice to have a bunch of little friends, i hardly remember them all, we just walk on the streets and they're like hey elders! Ill send a  pic.. Also I figured ill tell you a little bit about Carl.. his names not actually Carl, but that's what we call him. Hes just this drunk guy that shows up passed out everywhere on the streets, like hes just passed out drunk! We´ve found him like 3 times in completely random places just laying there, one time a motorbike ran over his arm lol, he woke up after that and started dancing, then later showed up in the middle of the street.. and yes, i took a picture of Carl, so ill send that too! Also this last week we met the O family. They are awesome! so nice, they've had awesome questions and progress really well, this week they took us to church, and after my talk in church (i had a talk in church BTW) he gave me a thumbs up! haha so Also ill try sending a picture of R this week! We took him to a baptism and it was awesome! he says, so were doing this on the 7th of November? So hopefully everything goes as planned, like i said earlier (if i remember right) he was actually married by the law! we´ve just never found his wife, but president promised us if we plan for them with the temple in mind wed meet his wife.. so we did plan and we met her like a day later! BUT, first thing she said was R was the father of her children.. we were like crap! figured out she wants a divorce, but R still wants to be together, I'm guessing shes living that YOLO life right now, so we called president cause he wanted to know when we found her and he says he wants them to get professional help to save their marriage, he said ¨i would like to come and do it myself... on second thought I want you two to do it.. I know you´re not certified in marriage, but you re certified in eternal families.. So go and talk to both of them and get it all out on the table and save their marriage!¨ ..... This may be interesting.. the hard parts gonna be finding his wife, shes always off who knows where! its nearly impossible to track her down! So ill keep you guys updated! Well this about does it  for this week! hope every things going well back home and every ones Safe, love ya!
Elder Beard
P.S. Enjoy the cold weather i have forgotten what its like!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A good week,
Well this week nobody got stabbed, but it was still a very exciting week. An exciting week for our investigators.. So first off we have an investigator named R. So nobody in this country is married, like they call it a ¨free marriage¨ which is like without papers. R wants to be baptized, and as of now we have him set for the 7th of november. We weren´t thinking it was looking too well casue we figured he was free married, but it turned out that he was married by the law! we were like wait you have papers.. like by the law... like an actual marraige¿? and hes like uhh si. We were so happy, just about to pull out the portable font and baptise him right there haha, jk, but that would be awesome if that was allowed. So as well we have C, who we contacted about 6 weeks ago.. i love this guy, he knows i love coke and always has some for me, he remembers all our lessons and everything, for a while he hasnt been improving, but this week he took a huge leap, he was reading the book of mormon, praying, and even watched conference.. He took notes too!! But... hes not married.. We dropped the M-Bomb on him last lesson and he said.. yea it makes sense to be living ¨right¨ he siad hes not ready to have kids though.. we were like you dont have to have kids!! he didnt know that! he thought you had to have kids right when you were married haha! The tough part with the marraige as well, is only judges can marry, not bishops or anybody only judges.. So were also going to put down a date with him next time. So other than that not much has been going on.. Except I have seemed to develope some kind of fungus on my hands.. maybe a case of athletes hand? not to sure, but hopefully i dont die! That about does it for this week, hope everythings going well back home, ill try sending some pics.. Love you guys.
Elder Beard
Elder Hutchins with Elvis

Monday, October 5, 2015

This past week has marked the end of the first transfer in the field.. I haven't been transferred and Elder Hutchins is still my companion for another 6 weeks! I´m pretty glad too, I´m not ready for a Latino who doesn't understand me haha!
 So first off I'm writing this letter to a beautiful tune some random guy is singing in a booth to me. so if I sound extra inspired this email you know why (sarcasm its terrible)
 So first off this past week Elder Hutchins and I decided to take a journey to the uncharted parts of our area.. Cause its big like I've said before. So we go clear out into some kinda boonie area and met a few crazy picture and took a few pictures. We got some good contacts out there, so it looks like well be taking a few more journeys out there.. Not a whole lot interesting happened this week. 
 Also Theres been this mouse in our house that made a mockery of us this week. We have this sticky trap and every night it moves around.. So we loaded up and bought 3 different traps.. If this doesn't get him I may have to take things into my own hands.. Ive already killed one mouse with a shoe so far.
  Hmm so a couple funny things on our way to investigators houses the kids are always yelling at us.. like AMERICANO AMERICANO.. So we tell them no were from north china where theres white people! and we talk in gibberish.. they freak out and start laughing! They must have told all their kid friends, cause somehow wherever we go the kids yell at us CHINO CHINO! The kids are kinda turds here I'm not gonna lie.. They know 1 word in English.. every kid without fail.. and that word is the mother of all bad words.. The F dash dash dash... So tell them in English wow you know a lot of English and start having a conversation with them til they leave. They re Crazy!! 
So I had the opportunity to watch conference for the first time on the mission.,. Ill be honest before i never really watched conference much, but this time I got the most out of it than I ever have. Its cause usually back home id just kinda listen on my phone or miss a few sessions.. but wow actually taking time to write notes and listen makes a huge difference.. Lot of questions answered about the mission and stuff. Already excited for the next one.. they say its like the super bowl of the mission! The power here is terrible.. turns off at least 5 times a day.. so of course the power was out in like all the chapels so we couldn't find a  place to watch it.. the 6 of us decided we were just gonna go to an Internet center.. So all 6 of us crowded around this tiny booth with a speaker taking notes and singing in this small, noisy, and sweaty Internet cafe.. Although I would have been much more comfortable in my bed watching it. I still got more out of it in the small lab! haha.. Well that´s about it for this week! I hope every ones doing well back home! Love ya guys!
Elder Beard

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