Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A good week,
Well this week nobody got stabbed, but it was still a very exciting week. An exciting week for our investigators.. So first off we have an investigator named R. So nobody in this country is married, like they call it a ¨free marriage¨ which is like without papers. R wants to be baptized, and as of now we have him set for the 7th of november. We weren´t thinking it was looking too well casue we figured he was free married, but it turned out that he was married by the law! we were like wait you have papers.. like by the law... like an actual marraige¿? and hes like uhh si. We were so happy, just about to pull out the portable font and baptise him right there haha, jk, but that would be awesome if that was allowed. So as well we have C, who we contacted about 6 weeks ago.. i love this guy, he knows i love coke and always has some for me, he remembers all our lessons and everything, for a while he hasnt been improving, but this week he took a huge leap, he was reading the book of mormon, praying, and even watched conference.. He took notes too!! But... hes not married.. We dropped the M-Bomb on him last lesson and he said.. yea it makes sense to be living ¨right¨ he siad hes not ready to have kids though.. we were like you dont have to have kids!! he didnt know that! he thought you had to have kids right when you were married haha! The tough part with the marraige as well, is only judges can marry, not bishops or anybody only judges.. So were also going to put down a date with him next time. So other than that not much has been going on.. Except I have seemed to develope some kind of fungus on my hands.. maybe a case of athletes hand? not to sure, but hopefully i dont die! That about does it for this week, hope everythings going well back home, ill try sending some pics.. Love you guys.
Elder Beard
Elder Hutchins with Elvis

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