Monday, October 26, 2015

Ok So this week
This week not a whole lot went down,
 For us or our progressing investigators, we had a good number show up to Church, but all of a sudden our main investigators just dropped off the earth,, we went to c, o, and r house every week and called them every day, but we couldn't find them any where! its really disappointing to work that hard and then just poof nothing! But R did show up to church, hopefully we can get things rolling here again.
 Like I said this week was pretty average, it went by really fast, and it was fun, but nothing too out of the ordinary happened! This week was elder Hutchins B Day though! I made him cookies and they weren't the best so we took them outside to all the Dominicans that night, and they were gone in 2 seconds, they were like dumbfounded that i actually baked them, they thought i bought them at the store lol, so maybe ill have to make some more!
 Carl didn't appear this week, i hope hes not dead.
 But today we did get to go to a big tourist attraction called El Conde, its the  big Columbus statue place you find when you google the DR, ill send you some pictures! I preached to a little tithing boy in this huge catholic church, the church is Gothic style and been around since like Columbus days haha.
 So the Spanish coming along slowly, sometimes better than others, its pretty tough, but for the most part I'm able to get across what i need to say! So sorry for the boring letter this week! Not necessarily a boring week, just not a whole lot happened!
Hope every ones doing great back home and safe, as always love ya,
Elder Beard

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