Monday, October 5, 2015

This past week has marked the end of the first transfer in the field.. I haven't been transferred and Elder Hutchins is still my companion for another 6 weeks! I´m pretty glad too, I´m not ready for a Latino who doesn't understand me haha!
 So first off I'm writing this letter to a beautiful tune some random guy is singing in a booth to me. so if I sound extra inspired this email you know why (sarcasm its terrible)
 So first off this past week Elder Hutchins and I decided to take a journey to the uncharted parts of our area.. Cause its big like I've said before. So we go clear out into some kinda boonie area and met a few crazy picture and took a few pictures. We got some good contacts out there, so it looks like well be taking a few more journeys out there.. Not a whole lot interesting happened this week. 
 Also Theres been this mouse in our house that made a mockery of us this week. We have this sticky trap and every night it moves around.. So we loaded up and bought 3 different traps.. If this doesn't get him I may have to take things into my own hands.. Ive already killed one mouse with a shoe so far.
  Hmm so a couple funny things on our way to investigators houses the kids are always yelling at us.. like AMERICANO AMERICANO.. So we tell them no were from north china where theres white people! and we talk in gibberish.. they freak out and start laughing! They must have told all their kid friends, cause somehow wherever we go the kids yell at us CHINO CHINO! The kids are kinda turds here I'm not gonna lie.. They know 1 word in English.. every kid without fail.. and that word is the mother of all bad words.. The F dash dash dash... So tell them in English wow you know a lot of English and start having a conversation with them til they leave. They re Crazy!! 
So I had the opportunity to watch conference for the first time on the mission.,. Ill be honest before i never really watched conference much, but this time I got the most out of it than I ever have. Its cause usually back home id just kinda listen on my phone or miss a few sessions.. but wow actually taking time to write notes and listen makes a huge difference.. Lot of questions answered about the mission and stuff. Already excited for the next one.. they say its like the super bowl of the mission! The power here is terrible.. turns off at least 5 times a day.. so of course the power was out in like all the chapels so we couldn't find a  place to watch it.. the 6 of us decided we were just gonna go to an Internet center.. So all 6 of us crowded around this tiny booth with a speaker taking notes and singing in this small, noisy, and sweaty Internet cafe.. Although I would have been much more comfortable in my bed watching it. I still got more out of it in the small lab! haha.. Well that´s about it for this week! I hope every ones doing well back home! Love ya guys!
Elder Beard

pday adventures to tres ojos

out in the boonies

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