Monday, October 19, 2015

Week Something,
Well this week was a hard working, but good week! first off i feel more like a babysitter this week than a missionary haha, every house we go to the kids love us, and attack us and steal my notebook and draw in it and they´re just crazy, but its pretty nice to have a bunch of little friends, i hardly remember them all, we just walk on the streets and they're like hey elders! Ill send a  pic.. Also I figured ill tell you a little bit about Carl.. his names not actually Carl, but that's what we call him. Hes just this drunk guy that shows up passed out everywhere on the streets, like hes just passed out drunk! We´ve found him like 3 times in completely random places just laying there, one time a motorbike ran over his arm lol, he woke up after that and started dancing, then later showed up in the middle of the street.. and yes, i took a picture of Carl, so ill send that too! Also this last week we met the O family. They are awesome! so nice, they've had awesome questions and progress really well, this week they took us to church, and after my talk in church (i had a talk in church BTW) he gave me a thumbs up! haha so Also ill try sending a picture of R this week! We took him to a baptism and it was awesome! he says, so were doing this on the 7th of November? So hopefully everything goes as planned, like i said earlier (if i remember right) he was actually married by the law! we´ve just never found his wife, but president promised us if we plan for them with the temple in mind wed meet his wife.. so we did plan and we met her like a day later! BUT, first thing she said was R was the father of her children.. we were like crap! figured out she wants a divorce, but R still wants to be together, I'm guessing shes living that YOLO life right now, so we called president cause he wanted to know when we found her and he says he wants them to get professional help to save their marriage, he said ¨i would like to come and do it myself... on second thought I want you two to do it.. I know you´re not certified in marriage, but you re certified in eternal families.. So go and talk to both of them and get it all out on the table and save their marriage!¨ ..... This may be interesting.. the hard parts gonna be finding his wife, shes always off who knows where! its nearly impossible to track her down! So ill keep you guys updated! Well this about does it  for this week! hope every things going well back home and every ones Safe, love ya!
Elder Beard
P.S. Enjoy the cold weather i have forgotten what its like!

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