Monday, November 30, 2015

Another Good Week,
Hey everyone, so as the title suggests another good week here in the DR.. Although a little bit rainy, in fact im soaked and a bit cold right now because.. We had this Capitation with the Zone leaders on how to take care of some district numbers (which they're having me do for our district) 
and a bunch of us had to make it to an Internet center, in the rain.. but first we had to cross a muddy river, our first zone leader just walked through the river and got soaked and i tried jumping it (its more of a little stream) and i slipped in the mud, but caught myself and only got a little mud on my buttocks. But everything good we were all soaked afterwards! Pretty funny though! BUT its not super comfortable to be soaked in clothes like these.. So not a whole lot went down this week. A lot of the same old stuff, Elder Alva and I have been getting along good still and my Spanish has been getting a little better.. I think! It honestly better than its ever been right now but i feel like its the worst its ever been, cause now that i have a Latino comp every Dominican can suddenly realise the Huge difference between my Spanish and perfect Spanish and everyone seems to let me know! Either by making fun of a way i pronounce a word or by strait up telling me it sucks.. When they do that i usually start speaking to them in English saying just random words and usually i feel pretty satisfied afterwards! Hahah, but also hope you guys had a good thanksgiving! Its a little different here, instead of turkey we had rice.. and instead of stuffing we had beans.. BUT it wasn´t too bad i guess! We got together as a Zone and everyone brought a little bit of food.. Fortunately I'm blessed with parents who shipped me POTATOES GRAVY AND PIE and i brought that to the Rice and Bean Feast, needless to say it was everyone favorite haha! Makes me think a lot about home, I miss it sometimes, but at the same time its so good to be out here being a part of the greatest work.. As always I love ya guys and hope this week is Great! Hope every ones safe and enjoying the snow!!!
Love, Elder Beard

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