Monday, November 23, 2015

Elder Alva New Week
Hey guys, so i don't have a lot of time this week, but just wanted to write a little letter, Really not much happened this week except I got Elder Alva, and things have been going really well! Like i said he is from Peru and he also lived in Bolivia and Chile for a few years! 
 So this is pretty funny, all of the Dominicans think elder Alva is American and are super impressed with his Spanish, but they still ask him do you understand this word and this word, then he tells him oh I'm from Peru, and they have no clue where that's at.. or that they speak Spanish haha! Apparently the Dominicans Spanish isn't very great, I've asked around to a few Latinos and they said its the worst they've heard ha ha and a lot of times they dint even know what the Dominicans are saying! So yeas its still difficult for me ha ha, Although i can feel it improving with elder Alva, he knows a tiny bit of English oh also he has 18 months here in the mission. But anyways sometimes I'm not gonna lie i just space out and cant understand a word hes saying and just not my head and say si, but other times I'm like.. wow i just understood every word.. so yea sometimes its a little disappointing other times its been good, but overall this week Ive enjoyed my time with Elder Alva. We also painted a house this week ill send a picture so you guys can see elder Alva, As always hope every things going great back home and every ones safe.. Elder Beard

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