Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Family Council,
So once again this week flew by holy cow! Couple crazy things happened this week,
 First off these crazy girl around our neighborhood is in love with me, it creeps me out we make sure not to walk on the street she lives on or she'll start battin her eyes and waving.. She just wants me for my Visa.. We also avoid this street cause its really dark, and when places are really dark they're usually not safe, in fact we were on it the other night and saw like this kid like 14 beating up this 14 year old girl, had her in a choke hold me and Elder Hutchins were about to save the day, but some crazy cops came zooming out of nowhere and happened to notice them, they got out and the kids stopped then the cops just left.. Made me sick to my stomach to be honest, theres some crazy crap that happens.
 Speaking of crazy crap.. more or less annoying crap... this week we were able to find and have a lesson with R and things were pretty rough for him.. We talked to him about his wife and he was choking up pretty bad, so were we to be honest. We bore testimony that if he puts the lord first, everything else will fall into place and we showed him Alma 7:11-12.. We then went downstairs to try and talk things out with his wife a.k.a she who must not be named (mainly cause i forgot her name).. We said first off hey can we have a minute to talk.. immediate NO. We talk a little more explaining we´d like to talk about your family, R, and would like to help ya out in any way we can.. Still no like a brick wall. At one point she even started laughing.. and wow that ticked me off! I was about to chew her a new one, but unfortunately i only know nice Spanish words!  hes really anxious for baptism, but hes started work so we've had to move his date to the 14th.. We now have 3 baptisms set for the 14th, the other 2 are G and M, 13 and 15.. Yes i know what you're t hinking, wow that's young! and yea it is! But remember, these guys are Chicken fed Dominicans, Ill send ya pictures of them. Anyways they're really nice kids, they always read and progress. They understand everything and M has read the whole Bible and is almost through with 1st Nephi already! We have high hopes for them!
 So something cool that happened, actually today, I got to see Elder Green! It was good to see him we talked (for as long as we could) and reminisced. It was really good to see him, he looks like hes doing good and i believe he heads out to Santiago this week, He´s gonna be a great Missionary! I wish the Santiago and Santo Domingo E mission stayed more in touch!
 Well that just about does it for this week, As always i love you guys and hope everythings going well for ya back home!
 PS everyone here already has their Christmas lights up (since the start of October actually) But Christmas here is only Holly and Jolly for a lot of the Dominicans cause they get hammered drunk, play Domino´s and listen to Romelio Santos haha! Until next week!
Elder Beard
PPS (13 year old in blue stripes... Elder hutchins and I are in the white shirts and ties)

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