Monday, November 16, 2015

Hey Friends, 
So this week was a pretty good week, Although a little disappointing, M and G who were supposed to be baptised this week can´t cause their mom doesn't approve.. Shes a hardcore catholic who thinks Mormons worship men haha so yea that sucks, but were trying to work on that with her.. I came home that night pretty frustrated to say the least lol. But good news! the date with R is looking pretty promising for the 14th, I don't wanna speak to soon, cause as we know some crazy crap can happen last second, but it´s looking solid haha hopefully everything goes as planned! He´s super excited and we´re excited for him, Wish us luck, hopefully next week we have a picture with R in White!!
 So this is the last week of the transfer and I'm so far I've been spending it with the flu, so I apologise if this email sounds a little choppy, plus my computer sucks today haha! So funny thing here, so far everyone that's found out I'm sick has given me some recipe or natural tea to make thats gonna make me feel 100 percent better!
So Something cool this week, my parents shipped shirts to Wily that had his little company name on them and he was pumped, he has one for all his family and now all his friends are wearing them around the street, it was super cool to see how Happy it made him! Ive seen him wear the shirts every day since haha! Well that about does it for this week, This is the last week of the transfer, so by next week ill know who my new companion is.. Not gonna lie I'm a little nervous to get out of training and to get a new companion, The Spanish still really basic for me and if i get a Latino I think theres gonna be some difficulty communicating haha, But it'll probably also improve it a ton! Well as always hope you guys have an awesome week back home and hope every ones safe,
Love Elder Beard

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