Monday, November 16, 2015

So Let´s this out of the way, I'm staying here in Villa Mella, Santa Cruz, and I´ll be senior companion to an Elder Alva from Peru! As far as I know he doesn´t speak a lick of English so well see how this goes haha, may be a little rough, but I can do it.. I´ll tell ya guys what though, I'm gonna miss Elder Hutchins, it´s been a good 12 weeks with him! I don´t know too much about Elder Alva, 
So anyways this week Elder Hutchins and I ended off my training good with the Baptism of R!! It happened and it was awesome! R was looking good in white! After we took pictures we ran inside and got started on the baptism.. All the crazy kids ran up to the font and a couple tried jumping in, and when he was baptised they all started laughing haha, they'll be there some day, but we went around and he was choking up a little bit, then he stepped out of the font and gave me knuckles! It was such an awesome experience for us and for him! I know that becoming a member of this church is gonna help him out so much, Especially with the problems with his wife.. Life´s not always easy, but its easier to know we´re never alone.. After when R was going around talking with everyone, bishop came up and told us we have another talk tomorrow.. So during my talk I made to mistake to say I was a little sick so I apologise if i don´t speak too well (i had a little stomach pain nothing too bad) but after holy cow! The whole relief society came after me with their home remedies, Tea Ideas, and were just flooding me with all this advice! I was then forced to drink 4 cups of water and while this was happening all of a sudden I see the bishops wife and another lady walking through the door with a giant bowl of soup! I could hardly believe it haha! they literally went home and cooked me soup! It wasn´t too bad. I just thought it was funny how like caring-overreacting the Dominicans can be, at one point in time the bishops wife asked if I could be taken to the hospital immediately by the ambulance! haha kinda reminded me of the incident in the metro.. But like I said it wasn´t much cause im fine now haha! So overall, not a bad way to wrap up my training.. My Trainer and Friend Elder Hutchins will be heading out tomorrow morning and I´ll be starting out the transfer with Elder Alva, I'm not gonna lie its not easy seeing him go, like Ive said you can really get close to someone in 12 weeks, but that´s how the mission goes! As always I love you guys and hope things are going great back home! I know they are in Beaver cause they just took STATE! Congrats guys! I´m wish i could have been there for it! Until Next Week friends,
Elder Beard

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