Monday, December 28, 2015

Almost Christmas!
But it doesnt really feel like Christmas at all,, probably cause theres no Snow, Fireplace, or Tree (real tree) So lke ive said many times christmas here is a different story.. One day there was a lady preahing on the metro and she said ¨Remember that Christmas isn´t only about drinking and partying, but its about Christ too!¨ And we´re like No. It´s only about Christ!! For the Average Dominican, the christmas Spirit is being hammered drunk! Every night it gets closer to christmas the streets have been becoming more and more packed with people Smoking, Drinking, and Salsa Dance (i literally saw a pregnant women in a colmada dancing salsa while holding a beer) We live in the worst place for this time of year too.. Smack dab in the middle of 5 streets, and 5 colmada´s who all have sub woofers,, Fri, Sat, and Sun. I do not sleep. Kinda stinks to be honest and im thinking i need some firecrackers to throw at the Drunk Partyiers. But its all good, this week was still pretty good, we had the chance to stop by for the beard fam this week and she told me that She had a pic of her great grandpa and he looked like me cause he had the same ears, tall and dark hair.. Of course the ears haha! Thats a key identifier in the Beard Family!
 So we also had the chance to get a few Christmas Packages! My parents shipped a couple things for my Comp, who was super pumped. But it was way funny to see his reaction on some things.. He had no idea what the purpose of Silly Puddy is! I tried to explain to him that you just like.. squeeze it and uhhh twist it... Then I realized, I dont know what the purpose of silly puddy is! That caused me to ponder Deeply.. What is the Purpose of Puddy?

 So transfers will be on the 29th this next week, It´ll be exciting to see what happens.. Other than that not a whole much has been happening, I imagine that i may have some story next week about a crazy Drunk guy next week, but we´ll see! Hah I think A couple Christmas´s here will really help me to appreciate the Christmas Back home!! Hope you guys are having an awesome time back home and hope you guys all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTAS... and a happy new year😀 
TTYL  Elder Beard

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