Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas!
Well guys I just finished my first Christmas here in the DR and I´ll have to say it was definently one of the most memorable haha! So First throughout the week We could see the crowds slooowly start to grow and the alchohol slowly start to appear more, until Christmas Eve..
 So in Christmas Eve Morning our Zone had a little White elephant gift exchange and a dinner, Super fun, I gifted a picture of myself and a candle of the pope.. A sister first got it and didnt want it what so ever.. Needless to say I was heartbroken.. BUT luckily i got my Elders to back me up.. First Harris Robbed the gift, then another named Lemus.. Lemus had my pic for quite some time, but elder espinal came in with the 3rd and final steal.. Elder Lemus was devistated and I once again felt loved. So that Night the party started,, people drinking, motor bikes, salsa music everywhere!! They all looked like idiots, but it was pretty entertaining! So the party lasted allll night long.. Barely got any sleep, and woke up the next day to tons of people in front the house still salsa dancing! As we made our way through the crowd we saw lots crazy stuff, and one guys fell and smashed a lady into his cement house, looked painful, but they both ended up on the ground laughing! So after this we retreated to the mission office to watch some Christmas Skits and have a good time there.. After that we got to call the Fam! Super exciting and so good to see them! After I hung up I felt a little bit home sick.. But it just turns out i was actually sick sick.. Yup Im sick again.. and I even bragged to them that i hadnt been sick this whole transfer! So that was my Christmas,, now its back to Work!(when I get better) I hope all you guys enjoyed your christmas, Thank you for all your Happy Christmas Wishes.. Talk to you Soon!
Transfers were this week and I will be staying in the same area with the same companion, Elder Alva
Elder Beard

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