Monday, January 11, 2016

Well Another good week here in the DR!
This was a pretty eventful-super tiring week! We got to spend a bunch of  time with the Zone this week starting off with Interviews with President Corbitt which is always cool and a little nerve racking haha! But after this we started doing something called a Consecha for other area..And this consecha is basically when all 20 of us in the zone squish into a little beat up van and head out to an area to contact in one group.. and we contact tons of people so the missionaries in the area have more to work with.. and believe me it works! We did it in our area this saturday and we now have 59 people to find and teach! So yea it should be interesting,, We´ve got a lot on our plate now haha, including a Ward activity that we have to put together for the 6th of Feburary, so If you wonder how I´m doing this next week,, I´ll tell ya now how im doing.. STRESSED! But happy nonetheless!(yea that rhymes!) Its great to spend the week with the Zone, I´ve got some good friends here and its pretty fun to see them nearly every day haha, I´ve got a pic i´ll send to you guys! It was a pic we took today at an activity we had in a little City named Yamasa, which is like an hour and a half away from our area! We played water volleyball and dumped buckets of water on each other.. Pretty good time,, The Tall one next to me in the pics name is Elder Beecer.. and i drenched his 6 fot 6 body  today in the activity, he was ticked lol!
 Hm.. so What else this week,, sorry My thoughts are a little scrambled I´m pretty tired from this activity.. But also I bought some Cheese this week! It´s a pretty good type, i think its called goula.. Its a little expensive, but usually it´s what I eat for dinner.. It´s a type thats a little more mild, so it smells a tad, but its still really good! Well I think that about covers the week over here! Hope things are going good for everyone back home! 
Love ya guys,
 Elder Beard

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