Sunday, January 24, 2016

Well I apologize in advance for the lame letter this week! There are some weeks where things just keep flowing into my mind (like the cheese thing last week that was killer) But this week I cant really think of much that happened although it was an eventful week!
 So first off this week I hardly spend any time in my area due to 2 more Consecha´s and also 2 Intercambio´s! The first with Elder Harris! We had a good time and he´s been working real hard in his area! He made this Banana-Oat (and other ingredients i cant remember) Milkshake-power drink,, turned out pretty good! haha, but The next intercambio I had was with Elder Lemus from El Salvador,, and this was the 15th, aka the day I completed 6 months, so he had the privelage of me burning a tie on his roof haha (dont worry mom it was an ugly tie) Also on the intercambio with Elder Lemus we were walking and some crazy fat guy was sitting shirtless in the shade and suddenly when he saw us, his eyes lit up with a bloodthirsty anger and he started yelling crazy stuff at us,, It was actually pretty funny!
 Hmm so what else happened.. Well This week, with all the intercambios and new contatcts I had the chance to meet a ton of new people! I realized how much I enjoy getting to know more people haha, It´s been pretty exciting out her because literally thats what I´ve been doing out here,, Meeting new people and make new friends! Wow I really cant believe I´ve got 6 months out here already! Feels just like yesterday I was leaving the house,, So yup I think that pretty much does it for this week! As always I love ya guys and hope your week is awesome! Talk to ya soon! 
Elder Beard 

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