Monday, February 22, 2016

So first off, sorry if i didn't end up getting back to ya last week, and possibly this week, The myldsmail servers are doing goofy stuff right now, But anyways, hope everythings going good for everyone this week.
 a few exciting things happened this week, So first off.. Our Young friend G (who we've been working with forever, like since my training) Finally got permission to be baptised on the 20th which was the date Elder Alva and I set! I got the call from elder Alva this wednesday and was super happy to hear, I couldn't stop smiling! G wanted me to head back to Santa Cruz to baptise him, but unfortunatley we can only head back to an old area if its a family getting baptised,, but that's alright because the important thing is that he got baptized, and i know he's going to be a great member in this church! As well this week I got to go on an intercambio with Elder Kitchen which was awesome! The ol beaver boys walkin the streets of the DR[?] So to start off this intercambio, We were talking about Beaver, and the new Carls Jr. when suddenly my foot slips into a nasty puddle of gunk,, and i walked around sopping the whole rest of the day haha, but Elder Kitchen and I talked about everything just reminising (or however you spell it, spell check is in spanish here) about the good times we've had in Beaver and all of the good people, all the friends family and yea you know! I also learned a bit more about the stars and stuff, Elder Kitchen knows a bunch about them, he even pointed a few out to me at night! Other than that not too much has been happening,, we had a little Ward BBQ this week, which really reminded me of being back home and cooking on the mountain,, except usually back home we don't cook intestine haha! As well there are a few of our investigators who have a date to be baptised this saturday.. His name is L, the young guy, we are still trying to get permission from his mom, and really that's all we need and he's ready to go! Other than that Elder Hurtado and I have been searching for new people to teach and as well trying to help the Ward get a little more excited about missionary work! Well that's about it for this week! I hope things are going good for everyone back home, love you guys!

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