Monday, February 29, 2016

This Week
Well guys things have shaped up a lot this week here in the area. First off, sadly, the Young'n L didnt end up getting permission to be baptised,, but we have started to teach his Mom, so well see how things go.. As well I feel like a lot of prayers have been answered this week. We were kinda struggling these past weeks to find people and work with the members, but this week it felt like everyone just flocked too us! Like literally, new investigators have been coming out of nowhere haha! One of which is a lady named Y, who seems pretty prepared,, she says she's been looking for like a spiritual peace she hasn't found for a long time,, and i was like well lucky for you, we've got just what ya need! Jk i didn't actually say that, but i thought it😁.. As well this week I've been getting to know a few of the members a little bit more,, one of them is Luis Castillo,, he served a mission in Puerto Rico and has left with us to a couple of lessons,, in fact he left with us last night. And all of a sudden he looked at me and was like,, ok I can tell by your eyes the things you like to do...
Luis: So you like to golf (translation added)
ME: hmmm.. i indeed enjoy a good game of golf,, *Slightly suspicious maybe my companion told him
Luis: as well you like to search for a type of bone (he's never seen deer antler)
ME: *an astonished look in my eye* I do look for a type of bone, that deer have on their head,, how did you know!
Luis: I just know
Me: *amazed silence
Luis: and finally,, you like to catch and cook FROG!
Me: * Speechles because of pure and utter amazement
Luis: Jk i just found your facebook page😂
That's about it for this week,, i also ate some good hot dogs and drank some coconut juice by the sea! Overall it has been a really good week and its passed by super fast! I hope things are going good for everyone back home! Stay warm and safe,, Luvz, Elder Beard

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