Monday, February 1, 2016

Toilet Wars
Well, just now, im here in the internet center and suddenly this little dominican kid with blue eyes starts looking at my computer and I asked him if he was gringo, and the lady behind me said yea, hes the poor-domincan version of a gringo.. lol that lady had no chill!
   This week the end of the Domincan Baseball series ended.. Between 2 teams.. Escogido and Licey. They played tuesday night and holy cow! If you wanna get a Dominican going crazy you it either needs to be Christmas or you need to show them baseball.. There were about 50 people huddled around a tiny tv in every colmada (which is every corner) just yelling at the TV, at each other, and in the air (which is basically yelling at nothing).. So all of a sudden Licey took the lead and wow they went nuts,, suddenly like 3 people came ripping down the street on mopeds screaming and popping wheelies, there were people screaming for joy in the colmadas, kids in the street running around.. like literally without purpose im pretty sure they were running in circles, Even Maria, the empanada lady, got in on the action and waved her little spatula in the air for a minute! Ive never seen such joy with a switch of innings in my life! haha 
  Wow, so we decided to go to another internet center today and this was a mistake, there are literally 3 little freka´s (more or less means flirts) asking for my Visa, Like right now...
I just told them that I was from Germany and they dont want to go there cause we have hitler and he is bad.... Yup they bought it, they left.
  So anyways this week, as the title suggests, i had a war with my toilet.. Needless to say I won this war (it´s in my blood), Although it wasnt easy, in fact the war lasted a good 3 days of Elder Beard (and a few bottles of acid) versus 20 years of uncleaned toilet.. This wasn´t your every day average unclean toilet.. This entered into the level SUPER EXTREMELY SEVER;LY unclean. the stuff on the toilet was half an inch thick!! I started off with just the brush and some bleach.. obviously not strong enough. I stepped it up a notch and bought acid.. A LOT (see pic) and after applying for 2 days I decided enough was enough. The morning of day 3 I brought out the big guns. I bougt a wire brush with a chizel tip and chizzeled the crap out of the toilet with the chizel brush.. And my hammer was an empty glass bottle of Acid haha!! I have it all on video, but can´t send it so I´ll make a movie or something about it when I get back.. But really I couldn´t let a toilet win!
   So this week we have an activity saturday at 6 (youre invited if you want to come Santa Cruz Church) Its an open house.. We´re hoping it will be a success.. As well this past week we had something called a Noche Blanca (white night) where all the baptisms in the zone were put on the 31st of January. So we brought the young guy (Gabriel) who looks like hes 20, but is actually 13.. And he loved it.. He has a baptism date for the 20th of Feb.. And after last night he couldnt stop talking about his own baptism.. Even told me right there I was gonna be the one to baptise him (I hope i can cause transfers are coming up next week!) But really its been amazing to see the change in him. Hes been going to church, reading, praying all on his own without our help (and he needed our help a lot before) He´s matured a ton and I really do think hes ready to be baptised.. Unfortunately his mom still doesnt see that good side in him.. She said a bunch of stuff about how immiture he was.. i didnt want to contend so I just thanked her for the good son she raised and the chance I was able to have to meet her family.. And I mean it! Last transfer I was ready to bounce, but now I´m not so sure haha! Ive gotten close to a lot of people here in my first 6 months here in the mission.. Transfers next week though, So i guess we´ll see how things go! 
That´s about it for this week Guys,, Thanks for all your support and everything! Sorry if I dont have a lot of time to

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