Monday, February 8, 2016

Well after 6 months in my first Area, I´m out of here,, It´s a little bit tough to say goodbye to everyone,, really it feels like Farewell 2, but its the mission life! First off, I said goodbye to a couple good (missionary) friends. One of which is Elder Correa who ended his mission this last transfer,, Pretty Sad to see him go to be honest, he was a super good missionary and friend! I´m gonna have to take a trip to Peru to see him and Elder Alva.. And maybe my next companion cause he´s also Peruvian.. His name is Elder Hurdaeo,, I´ve heard pretty good things about him!
 tomorrow I´ll actually be leaving my area and heading to a new Zone named Osama,, Which is in the Capital, so its gonna be super city! My area is called Las Americas 2, and I´m actually gonna be in the same district as Elder Kitchen, so that means ill be seeing him every week and get to go on intercambios with him! I´m pretty excited about that,, de ol beaver boys workin together in the DR haha!
 So funny story,, when we were waiting the call for transfers (theres always a lot of antisipation) All of a sudden I get a call from a random number and they told me Im heading out to san Pedro, I was super excited cause thats where Elder Hutchins, Allen, and Harris are at.. Actually Hutchins in now Zone Leader out in San Pedro so i was super pumped!! Suddenly.. a stinkin member calls me and was like aaaayyy ELDER that call was just me hahah!! i was like well sun of a gun haha! It´s cool how you can get close to the members and people in general out here, im gonna miss a lot of them here in the area,, and actually attatched a pic of my second domincan family here,, Name Yelfri and Joanna,, They were always there for us, feeding us, talking with us and all that good stuff, just like friends! And we became even closer this last transfer now that I could actually understand them haha! (although Joanna is learning english)..
 So also this week we had our activity! It turned out to be pretty good! I´ll tell ya what we definetly needed and had the help of the Lord with this activity cause it is not easy to control 65 Dominicans,, Especially when they want food haha! We had a couple set backs, but overall things went really good,, It was a great time for everyone to come out and socialize learn a little more! We even used my disc of Meet the Mormons,, which is borderline gold out here! Every member wants a copy! I think this was a pretty good week to end my time here in Santa Cruz.. Its sad to leave, but it´s gonna be good to expereicne new places and faces 😁 ALSO this next house im going to still has hot water, so Ive still lucked out my whole mission to have houses with hot water haha!! I hope you guys have an awesome week! Stay Safe and Stay Warm (i know i sure am (on the warm part)... (jk mom im still safe😬), PS.. The pics, Elder Correa and I -- 

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