Monday, March 28, 2016

Transfer Week,

Well this week we had transfers, but nothing really happened haha! I'm still here with Elder Monroy and everyone in my house is still the same as well,, It should be pretty good. And well just so ya know nothing super crazy happened this week haha,, The Semana Santa was pretty talked up, but if anything it was just a little more Salsa Dance than usual.. And something called Habichuela con Dulce.. Which is like this soup ish thing of beans that the people here make.. And its sweet.. haha! I know it sounds pretty weird, but its actually really good. And it's a tradition here to make it during the Semana Santa,, and just about every house we entered we got some habichuela con dulce YUM. 
  This week was a little bit tougher to find people to teach.. Pretty much everyone, Members and Investigators were off in Santiago or the Beach, so our week consisted of walking a bunch and sweating while Catholic mobs marched down the street singing hah! Something interesting happened today though.. We were walking to get my Comps hair cut and all of a sudden hear a bit of a rucus from the barber shop. There were people yelling at eachother and pointing, all I heard was a bunch of cussing, didn't really know at the time what the conversation was.. So when we entered the conversation died a bit and it was pretty quiet.. Some guy who looked like a gay dominican Steven Tyler was cutting my companions hair, when suddenly someone had the nerve to bring up the original Spider Man and say it was better than the new Amazing Spider man.. Then the fire was re lit. The other guy cutting hair, with razor in hand starts waving it around and saying that "Its cooler that spider man gets his powers from a wierd spider". Then the guy whose hair he's cutting gets out of the chair, with his little cape blanket thing around his neck still😂 , he got super offended and said But its more logical that spider man invents his little spider shooter thing!! I was just sitting there enjoying the show. 
  This week we put down a couple of baptism dates for our next Noche Blanca which is the 24th.. put them with C and P.. We didn't have the chance to talk to Y and J this week because they were out in Santiago,, But we definitly have plans to Invite them to baptism this next week.. They are so prepared, i just hope everything goes well with them this week! But I'll keep you guys informed..
So the pics for this week, I've got a couple of the zone. We also made some colored easter eggs (provided by my parents) as well theres one pic of me blowing on a fire.. A bunch of gangsters were trying to make a fire and were fanning it with this huge pillow thing and asked me to fan,, They were astonished when i used the blow technique, they even took a picture lol.. so i told them to take one with my camera too.. 
  Well I hope things are going great for everyone back home, hope ya had a Merry Easter, and enjoy General Conference!
Talk to ya Soon, Elder Beard

Saturday, March 26, 2016

So this has been a pretty productive week!
  Firt off i ended up getting a new companion his name is Elder Monroy from Mexico, not sure how long he'll be with me though i think he's just a temporary comp, but next week are transfers so I guess we'll find out here soon! Feels pretty different here without E. Hurtado, but wow he's in Peru now doing his thing.. 2 years can fly by..
   So anyway at the first of the week we were teaching a lesson to a guy named C and his mom came up to us (shes like this principal of a school across the street) and she asked me if we could come give the kids a little bit of the Word of God, so we accepted haha! I didn't really know what to teach a little group of kids, so I taught them the doctrine that Jesus is happy when they are obedient and learn in school.. Then we taught them that the Mormons are good people, because the majority of this country grows up thinking that the Mormons are from the CIA haha! Then I ended up teaching the kids a little bit of English. I was just like repeat after me! and started speaking.. So now the kiddies know 2 important things.. Jesus is happy when they learn, and how to say "Elder Beard is cool" in english! They should be set
  So as well this week, as you guys can see, I had the chance to be a part of L and E Baptism.. Elder Hurtado and I found these two about 4 weeks ago and they had an immediate interest and a desire to change their lives.. Even within these short 4 weeks I can see the difference the Gospel has made in their lives.. It was super cool to be apart of yet another Noche Blanca here in the mission.. 11 different people got baptised last night and before the baptism's start E told me she always feels this peace when she's with us and when she's here in the church. I promised her it was the spirit and that she would be feeling a lot more of it soon.. They're going to love their journey in the Church,, and baptism is just the start! haha also I wish you guys could have seen the big smile on L face and the big wet hug that I got, when he came out of the water.. Defenitly a night that they and I will remember for the rest of my life. 
  So anyways this next week here is called Semana Santa.. Its basically our version of easter, but for an entire week here.. And you guys know what they like to do here for holidays haha, so this week is going to be pretty exciting.. I actually here Semana Santa is even crazier than Christmas! BUT to add to that, next week will be election week.. And i don't know if i've told you about the elections here, but they are nuts!! mobs will drive around town with flags and purple hats and stuff, following these semi's that are loaded with speakers on the back.. It will literally shake your whole body and your house!! Also they've always got their motor bikes doing wheelies and stuff,, they love to do wheelies.. And those are just little campaigns they have.. They say elections here are absolutely insane, plus, it will be during Semana Santa.. So yup I dont plan on walking with more than 100 pesos in my pocket for this week haha! Guess We'll see how things go, should be an exciting week. Also hope your week is exciting! I love and miss you guys and wish you guys have an awesome Semana Santa! 🎂
Elder Beard
P.S. I'll be on an exchange with Elder Kitchen this tuesday.. Them ol beaver boys back at it again!