Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hey Friends,
  So pre apology for the short letter,, i can't really think of a whole lot of new things that happened here this week.. Other than the Conference!! I don't really think I've realized the true importance of conference unti i've been out here in the Mission.. I had a lot of questions answered, and some of my favorite talks were from Elder Holland ( of course) Dallin H. Oaks, and Especially D. Todd Christopherson! In total the message that kept ringing to me was kind a mixture of the talks.. We're going to have opposition in life.. It's just part of like unavoidable. BUT the oppositions can be dealt with a lot easier when we have Faith in Christ and know that it is part of his plan to develop us into the people he wants us to be.. The conference is awesome.
  Ahh also I had the chance to watch most of the sessions in English, but not the preisthood session.. I understood, but was dozing a bit cause it was 9:30 over here.. Then all of a sudden i heard in a spanish accent the word Selfie and Chewbacca 😂 President Uchtdorf has a good sense of Humor! Also was thinking maybe they'll permit us to watch the new Star Wars here in the mission since they mentioned it in the General Confernce😂
 So This week we ended up talking to Y and J about their baptism.. I'm serious every lesson Y says some crazy spiritual stuff, she's so prepared sometimes I wish we had a portable font! We had some good lessons with her this week and invited her to be baptised for the 24th of April.. She didn't end up praying about it, cause she still needs to be married and for some reason actually cant be married right now? But I promised her that if she really prayed she would find a way to keep this commandment before her date. So We'll see how things end up going this week.. We've got 2 folks still preparing for baptism.. P and C.. They've been doing good and making some serious improvements in their life, pero todavia estamos buscando por mas personas quien están preparada para aceptar evangelio. 
 Well Guys, we also went to a huge mall named megacentro today,, I only bought a pair of 13 dollar shoes.. pretty nice for 13 dollars.. and  we bought icee's (as you will see in the pic).. Pretty cool I felt like i was back home for a minute haha!
Have a good week everyone!

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