Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Well this week has been pretty stinking crazy! I´m defenintly learning how to adapt to quick changes,, it was a little bit hard to suddenly leave everyone in the middle of the transfer both Member Friends (thats you Luis), Investigators, and Missionary Friends.. A little bit tough to go, and to add to it right when I get into the Zone (Las Americas), Elder Daniels tells me I get to give a tema in 2 days to the zone😂, so the stress level was pretty high the first couple days, but I´m feeling pretty accostomed now. 
  My son, Elder Palma, is super cool! He´s from Tampico Mexico,, yea like the Tampico drink, although he says it doesnt even exisist there🤔. He´s a hard working guy and he has just 1 year as a member! That´s a pretty big thing to go on a mission just after 1 year as a member! He´s 21 years old and really knows a lot about the mission lessons. We´ve worked hard this week, this area is really good and the members keep us working hard with the References, The ward here focuses a looot on the missionary work and we actually have members feeding us on the weekends! Pretty good deal if you ask me,, We even have a dog who follows us around in the street named Tigre haah! he just follows us around and usually waits outside for us to finish up the lessons.. So I´ve been enjoying it quite a bit out here,, We live in a house of 4 with Elder De Lo Santos, and Elder Matattia who, if ya remember, was my 1st district leader,, He´s still doing crazy ol matattia stuff haha! Like the other day he found this car belt in the road and washed it up, took off the buckle to his old belt, put it on the car belt and made the car belt a belt for his waist haha! Also one night we go up to the roof and hes up there doing these Juto kicks in the air in the dark haha, quite the guy! So training has been really fun,, it´s cool to know I´m helping out the future of the mission,, And we´re gonna keep workin hard!! Sorry for the lame letter this week, we didn´t have much time cause the power was out, but hope everyone has a great week, love ya guys!
Elder Beard
PS we went to a mall named sambil this week and ate a Johnny Rockets, I also found myself in the toilet this week,, the picture explains why haha! Have a good one!

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