Monday, April 11, 2016

Well.. Things are gonna change very quickly and very unexpectedly this week haha! So I just got the call about 20 minutes ago that tomorrow at 4 o clock I'll be leaving my area and heading to La Llave.. And.. I .. Will.. Be a FATHER! haha! Well a Step Father,, I'll be finishing the training of a missionary from Mexico named Elder Palma. I'll be a step father because his first father was the one and only Elder Auger! My Awesome companion from the MTC! I'm so excited, but pretty shocked cause this transfer is only half way over! It's also gonna be pretty hard to leave everybody here in this Area and Zone.. I've made some really good friends here in the ward and in the Zone.. Especially the guys in my house, I was actually talking to Pe'a the other day saying that when we leave we need to at the same time (cause we came together from Villa Mella) and it would feel empty to be in the house without each other😢 haha, The sad moments don't end in the mission, but it's alright cause having sad moments means you've had good moments.. And the mission is full of them, You continuosly meet new friends.. 
  But dang the area this week was on fire! We found tons of new families and put down 7 different baptism dates for this Noche Blanca.. Persio is still progressing very well, but Camilo still didn't make it to church!! Pretty frustrating, but I know he'll make it soon.. Yisel and Jesus are out in country this week so I won't be able to say goodbye to them.. this hapened super pronto! As well we started recieving a bunch of references! Including a family named Familia Santana.. Their mother is a less-active member and they all want to be baptised (3 of them).. One of them even wants to be a missionary.. The Lord has seriously been blessing us here in the area.. Funny because a lot of this happened after our Mission wide fast that we can complete our mission goal of every companionship baptising this next white night! 
 So something that was pretty funny that happened this week.. I was on intercambio with Elder Estrada (our Zone leader and actually he will be coming to my area) and we were encountered with a crazy drunk guy..suddenly, Drunk guy started acting like Jackie Chan and standing on one leg and like did this forse push with his hands towards our direction while making a ninja roar. After several force pushes he looked at his hands like what the crap.. He possibly didn't
 use the corect movement of leg or maybe his chi energy was off balance.. Anyways he tried to move us again (i think he was using the force) and that time i stepped back and said wow!! he started jumping like he felt it!!! He knooooows! haha crazy drunk dominicans..
Anyways guys sorry my email this week is a little scattered, it represents my brain right now.. Things happened pretty fast and I've gotta say goodbye to a few people tonight, but wish me luck with Training! I'm so excited to head out to La Llave (area) in Las Americas (Zone).. Another Adventure! Wish me luck!
Elder Beard
Also today I sat on some rocks by the ocean and burnt some cookies 😂 enjoy the pics

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