Monday, May 9, 2016

Hello there friends,
So I don´t have too much time, but this week was really great! We´ve seen so many blessings here in La Llave! Anyways this week we were rushing around to get everyone prepared and planned for their baptism, unfortunately V wasn´t able to make it to this baptism, Y, L, C and J did end up getting baptised! And wow it was a great day.. In the Morning we headed out to the Temple with the Ward and we sat in the Gardens with our investigators and taught about the Temples.. One young feller named Deive came up to me and said he felt really peaceful, and said he felt the spirit and knew this was the true church, and told us he wanted to be baptised! Very awesome experience! As well while we were in the Temple, my 1st ward Santa Cruz, was also visiting the Temple, it was awesome to see them again, but a couple of expereinces helped me realize the difference in Wards hah.. For example a member from Santa Cruz came up to me and realized that I had a different companion and with an astonished look asked me,, Oh you guys had transfers?? I said yes sister,, 4 months ago!😂 Suddenly I was embraced in a bear hug, by someone, and that someone turned out to be Luis Miguel from Las Americas II (my 2nd ward),, It was so awesome to see Him and a suprise, it was like a huge family reunion that day!! Then we packed up with La Llave and headed back singing called to serve on the bus ride to the Baptism.. The Baptism that night was amazing! The Ward takes such good care of the Members! Every member of the different Orginisations gave a special welcome to the New Converts, including the Bishop,, after wards Yokaira (who is the tallest in the pic) was crying and gave her family (who aren´t members yet) a big hug. For the New Converts, it just looked like a long wait-search finally ended! The Lord has been blessing us like crazy out here! in our area and our mission.. our mission almost completed the goal of every companionship baptising.. 87 of the 91 companionships here baptised and we had 158 new Converts in the month of April! Very exciting thing to be a part of!! 
Well Hope everything back home is going great! Talk to ya soon!
Elder Beard 

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