Monday, May 16, 2016

Hello there friends,
This week has been a pretty busy, but good week,, We had to leave to the offices in Gazcue almost every day this week for some kind of meeting, Makes ya pretty tired, but the meetings are pretty enjoyable, especially cause ya get to meet up with a bunch of friends haha! So anyways, something cool that happend this week was that we got 2 couples to commit to marraige this week! I was kinda suprised, cause I thought actually getting them to commit was a myth, shocked me a bit when they said yes haha! Those two would be the Familia Rosariao and Fam. Ferrera,, hopefully we can put down a baptism date here soon with them! As well we found a new family of 3,, Paola, Samuel, and Samil,, Pretty interesting with this fam cause Samuel turns out to be a member like 10 years less active! Nothing too crazy happened this week, but our home dog Tigre (who is the dog that follows around the area) got his nails painted,, im not really sure, cant read his mind or anything, but he seemed pretty ticked off about it.. poor guy.. As well, theres this rooster named george who wakes us up every morning,, Usually i watch him from the rooftop to see what he´s up to, but this week i had the opportunity to find him in the street,, so naturally, i caught him and let him perch on my arm like an Eagle! Hmm what else happened this week,, well today we went to La Duarte, which is this street thats got a whole bunch of little stores that sale a bunch of cheap stuff, We got approchaed by a drunk man who tried talking to me in english and tenderly touched the cheek of my companion with his nast hands😅,, not sure why, but drunk people love to talk to the Mormons! Almost exactly after the drunkard I was confronted buy a guy selling this little chinese bamboo plant thing.. At first i didn´t really want it, but He told me all ya gotta do is stick it in water and let it grow and you´ll have a little friend,, pretty good point.. So now i´ve got a little chinese bambo thing sitting on my desk named Chapo Guzman,, I´ll send ya guys pictures of him next week! So guys I think thats about it for the week,, things have been going by really fast, but its been so enjoyable out here! The Ward works hard and the Lord has been blessing us with lots of success and it just feels good to know you´re doing the Lords Work.. Hope you guys have a great week, I´ll talk to  ya soon!
George the chicken flapping in his face

Temple pic taken by Elder Beard

poor Tigre with his nails painted

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