Monday, May 9, 2016

So This past week has been good, but pretty short! Sorry I don´t write much sometimes i can´t remember what went down in the week haha, But we did get transfers this week,, So I´ll be staying the same in La Llave and finish Elder Palma´s training and now I´ll be working as District Leader! I don´t really know what to do, so I´ll guess we´ll see how it goes haha! In our house we´ve still got Elder De Los Santos (Dominican) but he got a new companion.. and that new companion is E. Nateren! haha the same E. Nateren that was in the house with me in Las Americas 2, I was way excited to hear he´d be coming back! So again supposedely this next week is supposed to get pretty cray because they´re finally voting for the elections, which means more drunken mobs! yay! So these past couple of days its been raining like crazy!! I never pack an umbrella, because rumor has it the more you get wet in the rain, the prettier your wife will be.. So i decided to put that to test and just trudged out into the rain.. Lets just say my wifes gonna be smokin cause it looked like I hopped in the shower with all my clothes on! It rained so much that the streets turned into rivers!!, so we had to trudge through a couple and finally called for a member to come rescue us with his car haha, we had to sit in his house for about 30 minutes as the cats and dogs fell outside. Inside I was telling this young buck named Brian about hunting.. The majority of Dominicans hate hunting and think we´re monsters for killing animals, but I finally got one interested. I talked with bryan for 30 minutes strait about the different animals i´ve killed and how we do it 😂 He wants to come to utah now and bear hunt! Things have been going really good over here! I´ve been making tons of new friends and new memories! Hope things are going good for you guys back home, have a great one!
Elder Beard

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