Monday, June 13, 2016

So this week was super busy, but really great!! first off I´ve got like a type of fungus on my skin that i´ve gotta take care of,, not really a big deal im getting pretty used to having all this weird island crap. So this week we spent a lot of our focus on helping the Rosario family getting married and baptised.. And they Did!! We had to head clear to Boca Chica this week to the marraige place to get them hitched, and when they were saying their vows, it was so cool, cause they said they´re gonna love each other for eternity! E Palma and I couldnt stop smiling, such a great experience! This family was so ready to be baptised,, it really was not easy getting them to this point.. Even since the first lesson we could see there were a lot of road blocks. But the roads were cleared and they made it.. Really it has been such a great experience seeing the change in this family and seeing the Gospel fill a hole they had in their lives.. She loves telling that story to people, when she prayed for angles, and the next day the Lord sent her 2 Mormons! (i´m that angel in the story;) haha.. But now we´ve got a goal set for this family to get sealed in the Temple on the 12th of June 2017. And I´ll be able to make it to that! So I´ll complete 11 months this week,, it really doesn´t feel like i´ve been out here for that Long, but i´ve been loving and enjoying every day of it.. This week went by fast with all the stuff we´ve been doing.. This Saturday I went to teach an english class in a neighboring Ward,, and they´re system is awesome! they had 250 people in their little church learning english, and they just slapped me with a class of 30, handed me a paper and said teach this,, It went,, ehh,, kind of good ish i guess haha! But it´ll be interesting to see if they´ll call me back to do it again this week.. Actually, this week we will be getting transfers, on the 21st. I´m a little bummed, not sure whats gonna happen, but i dont wanna leave this area and I´m happy with my companion, but everythings for a reason so i guess we´ll see what happens! So today we went to this cave thats here in our area and did some exploring,, its huge inside! its got all the stalagmites, or however you spell it, and a little lake on the inside,, its pretty impressive, ill have to send you guys some pics.. As well there were a bunch of bats in the cave and the members we went with were chucking bottles at them haha! This week has been pretty tiring, but awesome at the same time! I actually find sometimes the more tired i am the more satisfied I am too.. Including more sadisfied with sleep! I sleep like a fat rock. 
Well I think thats about it for this week! I hope that things are going good for everyone back home and hope you guys enjoy your week!

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