Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Well guys we had transfers this week and nothing happened haha! I´m still DL here with Elder Palma and we´re going onto 3 transfers now and we´re pretty pumped about that!! So this week was a pretty slow week,, we had to postpone a couple of baptismal dates,, But nothing too exciting happened.. Well something exciting happened.. I´ll tell ya a little, So theres this stinkin cat whose been sneaking our house and eating out of our trash, spilling it all over the ground, walking on our counter tops, and worst of all he marked my suitcase as HIS territory! To top it all off this cat, whose name is greg, has the nerve to walk into the house using the front door! So the other night during our planning the cat was in the house, and it was instant kaos, everyone was freaking out and throwing shoes.. Not sure why but all of the shoes that were thrown were mine haha! And we ended up escorting him out of the house haha! As well this week Elder De Lo Santos is out of the house and being replaced with Elder Mejia, who will be comps with Elder Nataren.. Elder Nateren is now DL.Ahh so something pretty cool this week, was that Elder Palma and I ended up giving 6 different blessings,, usually we have about 1 a week or 1 every 2 weeks, but all of a sudden we were able to help 6! I´m taking it as a good sign!! So guys sorry for the boring letter this week! I hope everythings going good back home and hope everyone had a good Fathers Day! I´ll send a picture of our Zone (its one of the biggest in the mission and we´ll be getting even more missionaries) and our Zone T shirt that is the Missionaries of the Carribean! Pretty sweat! hah, have a good one!

Another Week, Livin the dream!
Not a whole lot really went down this week,, But nonetheless, it was a good week! So first off, as you´ll see, we took some staged pictures lol, they might look a little tacky, but it was pretty fun takin them haha, Jose Carlos took a few of them,, hes been heading out and teaching with us almost evrey day this week! And actually one of those days we had a little excitement haha, one of his cousins, who is like this 40 year old pentacost guy, started talking crap to Jose how he isn´t truly following Christ and that he needs to repent and truly live the Gospel.. Usually with guys like that we just keep walking, but because he was talking to our Recent Convert, we turned around read a couple scriptures, Rebuked him a bit, and left him with a pamphlet and nothing else to say. I´ll tell ya what, there are some pretty ignorant people out in this world, if anyone sincerely gave a good 10 minutes to see what we really belive, they wouldn´t think we´re that odd at all! So this week Elder Zivic from the 70 came to our Ward and gave a really good talk, and after came up and shook our hands (Elder Palma and I) and congratulated us saying it looks like you´ve got a lot of investigators visiting today! And we did have a bunch come actually, 14, and Sonia was one of them.. I don´t know if i´ve told ya much about Sonia, but she is a single mom with 2 kids who actually contacted us in the street one day, saying I wanna come to your church! And that same week she came and has made great progression.. She´s got a couple of fears, but she told us she wants to be Baptized and knows that the church is true! She´s an awesome person! Things have been going really good out here, as always! I´m lovin the country, the people, and my mission! As well, I made a swedish fish empanada this week, it was pretty alright hah! Anyways, hope everyone has a great week! Write ya soon!

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