Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Well guys, Pre apology If this letter kinda stinks, cause right now i´ve got a toasty fever of 101 and I am down with the sickness,, down with Zika to be exact,, some other crappy desease that makes you feel like you want to explode caused by mosquitos,, awesome! Anyways, as you can see in the pictures this week, I tied my tie a little too long, Chapo and I took a selfie (he is still living and is growing), and we had the Baptism of Deivi this week! And Wow what an experience, as you guys know a little bit back he told us (after a trip to the temple) that he wanted to be baptised, and ever since that day progressed! Those 2 other in the pic are his best friends and through this little bit teaching and sharing with them we´ve gotten really close, ๐Ÿ˜‚ They talk to us about everything, from their girl problems to baseball! The night of his interview we asked him who he wanted to baptise him.. He was so stressed about that and didn´t know who to choose and he didnt want to make us sad! So he decided the best way would be a good ol coin flip! and the rest is history.. 
 As well this week I think i became a marraige counciler as we´ve been preparing the Familia Rosario for marraige and baptism.. And wow, today was I stressed, I had my fever going on and the Zone Leaders calling me telling me all this info and all the stuff I had to do one of them was take a picture of their drivers licence, so, i stumbled out of the house (almost falling several times ๐Ÿ˜ท to take pics of their License,, Even though I´m sick as crap, its totally worth it to bring a family unto Christ. It´s a family of 5 (raisa, jose luis, and diego who will be getting baptised, and a little girl named Sara) such an awesome family and so excited to be baptised. So Pretty sweet story that Raisa told us the other day.. She said that one night she was in her bed crying (because they struggling with money and actually a lawyer tried taking their stinkin fridge!) and she prayed that the Lord would send her Angels the help her.. And The very next morning we showed up to her house. Not that we´re angles or anything๐Ÿ˜…, but its amazing to be an answer to sombodies prayer,, Somebody who is really looking for the truth,, although we cant help them financially we´re helping them spritually and I think the rest will fall into place.. Hopefully You guys will be seeing pictures of this family in white here soon! So this week I also gave my first baptismal interview,, really cool experience. And This sunday I had a nice little suprise at church (yea thats sarcasm) Because suddently in the middle of sacrament meeting they asked me to give a talk,, with like 5 minutes to prepare.. So i was pretty stinkin nervous, but I just got up there and talked and, well, not sure if it was good or not, but i gave a 10 minute talk about... you guessed it.. Missonary Work!! So it´s been a really busy yet really good week,, with a little bit of stress, but its worth it! I hope you guys have a great week and I´ll talk to ya soon!

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