Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wow guys, this week we had absolute miracles here in our area!! Tons, so i´ll try keeping them quick.. So anyways this week, as you guys know Ive been dying of zika, so I spent a couple of days in the bed. So I was just chilling in the bed.. Well more of burning in the bed with a fever and about ready to vomit, when my companion comes in after a couple of hours in the field,, he and e. de lo santos went on a short exchange and they were pretty excited, they told us they found someone who was really excited and wanted to be baptized,, I got pretty pumped I was like well hey awesome!! then I threw up. Then i had the thought that I wanted to see just how prepared this guy was.. My companion said they were about to start a lesson with a couple of younger guys and as you teach the young guys you need an adult present.. So they called some random Joe Blo off the streets that was older than 19.. This Joe blo turned out to be Jose Carlos.. He had actually had a baptism date in the past and is keeping all of the commandments.. He didn´t end up getting baptized cause his old missionaries ended up getting whited out, which is when both of the missionaries leave at the same time.. I said a little prayer cause we wanted to know if he´d be ready to be baptized this same week.. We said the Prayer and gave him the baptismal questions as a practise, which he answered perfectly,, then I asked him if he could chose when to be baptized, when would it be.. He told us if it was possible tomorrow. That moment My comp and I felt the spirit super strong and we knew he would be ready for the sunday (this lesson was wednesday).. We called President that night and gave him the details, and he told us the Lord had put him in that spot for a reason and gave us special permission. And We continued with his baptism.. The Ward was so happy to see him back again and he fit right in, everybody knew his name and everything and he started participating in all the classes like he'd been there for years! Pure Blessings! As well this week, as we were actually giving this interview, a couple of people came up to us and said they wanted to talk after the lesson. We headed on over and they asked us how they could be members of the church... I know right, hard to believe, that's why my face was like 😐.. And believe it or not, this was the 2nd time this week somebody came up to us and asked when they could come to the church! So this lady's name was Leoseidy and she has a cousin who was with us in the lesson named Maryie.. and it turns out that Maryie has a sister who lives in Utah, who served a mission! Her sister literally texted her 2 days before our visit and told her, find the missionaries, get baptized, go on your mission!.. Literally 2 days after we found her. She actually basically grew up in the church, went to primary, young womans and even has a CTR ring.. Needless to say they´ve got tons of potential!!! So tomorrow elder Palma and I will be heading to Gazcue to take out our passports so we can be the Witnesses to the Familia Rosario Lantiguos marriage this week, and if everything goes right, we should have their marriage and baptism this saturday! So wish us Luck.. Dang We´ve been counting our many blessings out here.. One by One and the list is so Long i can barely keep up with it, The Lord truly has been blessing us out here.. I think its obvious by the letter that we couldn't have done this by ourselves, and that coincidences just don´t happen. The Lord has a Time and  Place for everything... 
And now the juicy part.. I know you guys have been wondering what ol Chapo guzman, my plant has been up to this week.. We he´s just been sitting in his water like usually, but this week he had a little company.. I´ll send ya the pics! As well, all day every day recently theres been banging outside of our house, the neighbors are constructing another house thing, I´ll send you guys a little video of that too.. Anyways I hope things go good for you guys this week! and I´ll talk to ya soon!

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