Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hey folks
So this week has been a pretty great and super busy week! First off we have been trying super hard this week to find new people who have been prepared,, not gonna lie this week we ran into a little bit of opposition, it{s been pretty tough lately to find a few of our investigators,, like joselo, jimmy, willie, all because of their stankin jobs! Basically all of our appointments fell through with those guys this week and it left us in the sun, frying, and contacting! we worked pretty hard this week too! So other than the appointments falling through and stuff and all of walking around the week was pretty normal. This week we shaved one of our investigatos. We have been trying to get Somosa to get to church for weeks now, but he always comes up with somekind of lame excuse,, so this sunday, of course, he had a new one.. It was that he wasnt shaved so he couldnt go to church! Not gonna lie it was a pretty nasty lookin scrub, but thats no reason to not go to church! So we decided we were gonna take away his excuse, and 30 minutes before church started, we ran home and grabbed my razor :( and some cream,, then we lathered him up and gave him a nice shave! Well it wasnt that nice,, there were a few little hair patches left, but it wasn{t too bad!, but he made it to church, so it was totally worth it! He{s a really good guy, hes the same guy who took us fishing,,, So right now im in el conde writing with elder allen and elder frogley, We just went to dennys,, ill also send ya guys the picture.. Elder Affleck and i are thinking of getting this sweet picture painted of us walking down this road. were all over the place helping with the zoneƱ doing cosechas, exchanges, and taking tons of calls.. I think my leg is numb with how much the phones been vibrating haha! Its been a super busy, but super good week! I hope everythings going good for you guys back home! and hope you had a happy 24th!

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