Monday, July 4, 2016

Well guys, heres the new group chat, hopefully you don´t get a bunch of moses coke pictures now hah! Anyways lets dive into what happened this week, because there was a LOT.. So this week we´ve seen a lot on conversion in our investigators.. Until this week they were just kinda there, progressing, but not anything big.. Until this week.. Funny thing too, because last week Elder Palma and I fasted that things could start picking up in our area.. And they did, we had 16 investigators in church this week and 4 of them were new.. 4 of our investigators got up and bore testimony in front of everyone.. One of them was Samuel, who has his baptismal date for this saturday and he, bore a simple, but powerful testimony saying that he´s baptising with faith.. As well one of our investigators, who recently recived an oporation, Named Monica, waddled up and gave her testimony.. She told about her surgery and how she was laying in bed in tons of pain, body and head. She said a prayer saying, If you take the pain away I´m going to church and I´m getting my life on track and she looked up and saw the Book of Mormon, and she just randomly opened it and started reading.. She said when she started the pain was taken away! And thats the testimony she shared in church.. After that, Raisa (her recent convert sister) got up and bore her testimony about prayer,, saying that, the night before we came, she prayed for 2 angels, and the next day he didn´t send me any adventist or pentecostal, but he send me Beard and Palma, 2 Mormons! After that Jose Carlos (another one of our Converts)(he leaves with us about every day, we´ve given him a bunch of books and a Preach my Gospel, because he´s preparing for the mission) told us that Friends like Beard and Palma come once in a lifetime and that he´s never gonna forget us,, Bishop Sosa came up to us after and said, Tell President Corbitt, not to take away these 2 angels from this Ward.. Makes me feel really loved, this ward is aweosme, but honestly Elder Palma and i both know, that it´s not us.. If you take us out and put in 2 other missionarys who are living by the same standards, then the results will be the same! It´s the Lords work and we´re just trying to be tools in his hands,, but it is an amazing thing to see the Lord working through you. Thats for sure. Wow Some guy just sat next to me in and wow he must have bathed in axe colone cause he reeks, Its giving me a headache! Anyways as well this week, we finally got the Familia Rosario Baez to come to church,, And i know they Loved it, cause the spirit was undeniable strong in that metting.. Hmm so what else happened this week.. One of our investigators named Sonia cooked us empanadas this week,, very tasty,, I´m trying to eat healthier, which actually means less coke and emenadas! As well this week, i got to hit the course for the first time in a Year!! Got to golf with President Corbitt! I as well got to do a 2 man Scramble with E. Hutchins! It´s been forever since i´ve seen that guy! Things are going really well here,, We´ve been feeling the spirit and seeing the fruits of our labor.. It was an aweome week! And elder Palma and I are still getting along just as good as ever,, these 3 transfers have been passing by super fast!! Hope everyone has a great week, and have a Happy 4th of July!!

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