Monday, July 11, 2016

Wow well this week has been very awesome and very busy.. So this tuesday I got a call from President Corbitt,, he asked me how my obedience has been and I told him its been great! I was a little nervous cause whenever he calls and asks that usually something big was about to happen,, and its true. So this zone here in Las Americas has been seeing a ton of succes lately, and President feels like its time for the zone to grow.. So he decided to Split the zone into Las Americas A and Las Americas B.. And he assignmed Elder Affleck and I to be Zone Leaders here in Las Americas A... Super Crazy because neither Elder Affleck or I have ever been zone leaders so we´re just kinda putting along trying to figure things out.. As Well we are opening up a new area called La Llave A.. And Elder Palma will be in La Llave B and still living in the same house as us. Also Elder Palma is now training and he´s one of our District Leaders.. That means I´m a grandpa in the Mission!! i feel like im getting pretty old! So La Llave A, was originally part of Elder Palma and I´s old area, but I say we´re whiting out because, we literally had0investigators on the side of La Llave A and only a few members live on our side.. So it´s been pretty crazy opening a new zone and new area,, we´ve been working super hard trying to find new investigators, and to say the least I´m exhausted!! It´s been a ton of work and we hardly sleep haha, but its also been really awesome! If you guys remember, Elder Affleck was my DL in the Mtc and now we´re out here! He´s from Holiday Utah and Loves Baseball, Not only is he a great friend, but hes a great missionary! We´ve been workin hard and playin hard! as well next week we´re gonna have a little jimmy rigged, made from a fan cage, roast some hamburgers and celebrate our year mark this Friday! I can tell we´re gonna have a lot of fun, work hard, and learn a lot these next couple of transfers! Wish me luck! Well guys thats it for this week,, hope everyone has an awesome week! 
Elder Beard

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