Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Well guys, sorry i haven´t written these past couple of weeks, and sorry this ones gonna be a little short.. It gets pretty busy around here lately towards the end of the month, but everything has gone well this week! Elder Affleck and I have both been a little sick, it always comes at a bad time, but doesnt stop us from going out and working haha, we did a ton of baptismal interviews this week, and have been pretty tired,, whenever elder affleck gives one i fall asleep and whenever I give one he falls asleep,, one time i looked over after an interview and he was just passed out and when he woke up his eyes and face were all red and bloodshot, he looked like a zombie! Also this week we had our zone desarrollo thing,, im not sure what that would be in english. But Elder Affleck and I made one where we made 3 different cakes and compared them to extending baptismal invitations.. One cake looked nice, but was super salty (we wated like 2 bags of salt on it, but its ok cause the salt bags only cost like 10 pesos) and another one which looked nice, but i smashed my hand on it and presented it bad, and the other which was just a good cake. We compared it to the Obedience, presentation, and the right time and right place to extend the invitation. It seemed like everyone liked it a bit! So this week we´ve been preparing Yahayra and Eduarlin to be baptized,, and things have gone great with them,, she had a couple of doubts, but luckily we were able to clear them up for her and she´ll be baptized tonight!! She´s gonna do great in the church, she reminds me a lot of Raysa! As well, we have been to Gascue a bunch this week to try and get out the ID and put down a marraige date for Yves, who is a haitain less ative member, whose wife we´ve been preparing for baptism (filimena).. Once we´ve got the date to marry them they should be good to go.. It´s awesome cause every time we talk about baptism or the temple filimena gets super excited and like cant talk, shes very prepared to be baptized!

We went to the trash caves this monday with a bunch of other missionaries,, it was pretty fun,, i sent a little video, i was suprised we fit so many missionaries into that cave haha! Things have been great out here and I hope its the same for everyone back home! Talk to ya next week!
Elder Beard

Monday, August 8, 2016

Well guys,, everythings been good this week,, although, as im sure you can see in the pictures its been a little bit crazy! Just about every day this week we had some kind of activity or meeting.. Starting off this week we had a meeting with president Corbitt and the Stake presidency,, i sent a pic of them. They are some really great guys! They work super hard with the missionaries and actually want to personally leave and teach with us! Things have been going well so far,, there are a few oppositions, but that comes with all good things, but everything has been really well.. We´ve been preparing 3 families to be baptized right now. Familia Lorenzo(who should be getting married this week),, Filimeno (who is the wife of a less active and yes they also need to be married), Yahayra and her son, and shes a single mom, so we´re all good.. Yahayra is awesome! she actually reminds me a lot of Raysa(who was baptized in June) and Raysa has been kicking butt lately! She´s goes to every activity, is like best friends with all of the members, and it looks like she´s been a member for years!! It´s gonna be super hard to leave these guys, but at least ill be able to come back to their sealing next june! Anyways,, as well you´ll see in the pics that it rained this week.. A lot! The flood pictures were actually in a different area too,, So ill tell ya the story,, first we were at a service project at a members house cleaning up some trash and stuff, when it suddenly started to rain.. And ill tell ya what, this isnt like utah rain,, the rain drops are literally the size of golf balls and they come down hard!! so right during this service, we find out Elder Palma won´t be able to make it to a scheduled baptismal interview for his district, so the sisters needed us to come.. So we did haha! Don´t let the trash bag fool ya, We got absolutely soaked! I just put it on afterwards for style haha! But it was worth it because we got to interview Ormedo, who was a super cool guy, super ready to be baptized! This happened friday and my shoes are still drying off til this day haha! Anyways the next day we went out and it was still raining like crazy,, and holy cow the freakiest thing happened,, we were coming down the stairs of the house when out of nowhere there was a huge flash of blinding light and the loudest thunder I´ve ever heard,, Elder Affleck and I both fell over and our ears were ringing! A stinking lightning bolt struck 20 feet away from us in a tropical storm! It freaked us out a little bit, but it was super cool! I couldn´t believe how strong that thing was haha, everyone was freaking out! Anyways later that night, we had a little church activity that night called un viaje maravilloso, where we go through a little play thing of the plan of salvation,, it was super cool, they asked us to be the angeles, so thats why we´re all dressed up in white,, and they guy standing in between us in the pic where we´re on each others sholders, is the awesomest bishop in the mission! His main focus is Mission Work, and he does a good job, how much better could it get haha!! A lot of things have been happening lately, i´m probably forgetting a few, but i think this about sums it up,, hope everyone has an awesome week and that nobody gets struck by tropic lightning,, hablamos pronto queridos amigos!
Elder Beard

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Well guys,, this week was absolutley crazy!! i cant really express to ya how much we some how got done, and the blessings we´ve seen in our area, Zone, and Mission.. We had so much to do this week beacuse it was the last week of the transfer, we´ve been working hard to complete with the goals, and everything ended up piled up on us last minute! Anyways, as a mission, we ended up meeting our of over 200 baptisms in the month of July,, we reached 213 which is the highest this country has seen in one month! The Lord helped us reach this goal according to our obedience, faith, and work that we showed... And holy cow did we work, pretty sure this week was the busiest week of my life,, and with the Lords help we got a Lot done! Anyways we still have more to do,, were preparing plans and stuff for a meeting we have tonight with the Stake Presidency and President Corbitt, My brains a little scattered right now so i just decided to send ya my weekly letter I wrote to president,, i think it sums it up pretty well.. As well, you´ll see in the pictures Jimmy, Edwin, and Nibelki,, absolute miracles! And you´ll see our awesome Zone of Las Americas A haha, and our cool shirts.. As well as a zone We ended up baptizing 28 and as a stake (combined with our buddies from las americas B) we had 51 as a Stake,  which is also the stake record for baptisms in a month. Anyways heres the letter, hope you all have an awesome week!!

Dear President Corbitt,

Well, I think I could write a 10 page essay on all of the miracles and faith that we´ve exercised as a Zone and the trails we´ve overcome,, but I´ll try cutting it down a little bit into this one letter:) So starting of with La Llave A,, This week we started off not knowing who in the world would get baptized,, but Elder Affleck and I knew that whatever comes we can complete the goal! So we worked hard, talking with everyone, reviewing our investigators, then we finally came up with about 6 possibilities.. Preisdent De La Cruz happened to be in the area at this time, so we got together with him and Bishop Sosa, and our leader misional, to review these possibilities.. We decided the 3 to focus on this week was Jimmy Peralta, Nibelkis, and Edwin Roa.. We faced many trials.. with every individual between them working, suddenly leaving, or parents not wanting to give permission.. But we definetly saw the lords hand in every one of these situations literally at the last second everything worked out.. I´ve learned a lot about the faith this week.. Even though there were times where it didn´t look very likely that we were going to reach the goal, we told ourselves that we can do it.. We knew with our faith and works together, if it was the Lord´s will, it would be done. And it was! I know that if we didn´t have this faith we wouldnt have found these 3 brothers and sisters.. I think this has been the hardest working week in my life, spiritually and physically.. But its also been the most rewarding and the a great strengthening of tesitmony for me.. We did it and we didn´t have to do it alone, we are never alone in this!
As far as the zone goes,, it was kinda of a war zone this week, Honestly I ended up working with Elder Affleck about 2 days this week, the rest was full of intercambios and baptismal interviews, I actually had to travel to Nueva Amanacer 4 days in a row, due to intercambios and their planned interviews suddenly falling through! I just wanna say I love our District Leaders! They worked so hard this week,, taking time out of their own areas to help interview, teach, and do intercambios in other areas so we, as a zone, could complete with our goals.. They really are putting others before themselves.. The only 2 areas who didn´t end up completing with the goals were Nueva Amanacer and Brisas.. The situation was oddly rough in Nueva Amanacer.. on our 3rd day there, with another baptismal interview falling, Elder Affleck and I stopped and said a little prayer, we felt the comfirmation that we´ve done everything we could in the area and that we needed to tend our own.. Sunday Morning Elder Nataren and I went back to NA to interview 2 people.. They both wanted to be baptized, and one accepted, but later that day had gotten sick and wasn´t didn´t want to get baptized.. It was rough because Hermana Nascimento and Hermana Burgess were at the chapel with the filled font and the agenda ready to go, while their investigator was in the house with a fever. We will continue to work with and help them throughout this next transfer.. So another Miracle that happened in La Llave B the last second.. literally.. So 30 minutes before the baptism sunday night, we got the impression to go to Yuliani´s house (a young investigator who didn´t recieve permission) Her dad never wanted to give it, and he had talked to Bishop, many different members, had family home evenings.. And when Elder Affleck and I went over,, he said he wanted to talk to his wife,, so we called her up on the spot and she said yes, and he signed.. All those other attempts must have softened his heart! I better get this wrapped up, but the fact that I could keep going really makes me realize how much the Lord has strengthened and blessed us in this month.. Us as a Zone and as a mission.. I know that Faith can move mountains, and it can definetly bring 213 souls and more, into the Kingdom of God.. I feel blessed to be a part of this and see the many miracles that are taking place and I can´t wait to see whats in store for us! Thank you for everything President! I hope you have a great day and enjoy that Fresh Beaver Pride shirt!! (ps theres a tiny little star on the shirt that says grantsville)PPS thank you for keep Elder Affleck and I together for another transfer!!
Elder Beard