Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Well guys, sorry i haven´t written these past couple of weeks, and sorry this ones gonna be a little short.. It gets pretty busy around here lately towards the end of the month, but everything has gone well this week! Elder Affleck and I have both been a little sick, it always comes at a bad time, but doesnt stop us from going out and working haha, we did a ton of baptismal interviews this week, and have been pretty tired,, whenever elder affleck gives one i fall asleep and whenever I give one he falls asleep,, one time i looked over after an interview and he was just passed out and when he woke up his eyes and face were all red and bloodshot, he looked like a zombie! Also this week we had our zone desarrollo thing,, im not sure what that would be in english. But Elder Affleck and I made one where we made 3 different cakes and compared them to extending baptismal invitations.. One cake looked nice, but was super salty (we wated like 2 bags of salt on it, but its ok cause the salt bags only cost like 10 pesos) and another one which looked nice, but i smashed my hand on it and presented it bad, and the other which was just a good cake. We compared it to the Obedience, presentation, and the right time and right place to extend the invitation. It seemed like everyone liked it a bit! So this week we´ve been preparing Yahayra and Eduarlin to be baptized,, and things have gone great with them,, she had a couple of doubts, but luckily we were able to clear them up for her and she´ll be baptized tonight!! She´s gonna do great in the church, she reminds me a lot of Raysa! As well, we have been to Gascue a bunch this week to try and get out the ID and put down a marraige date for Yves, who is a haitain less ative member, whose wife we´ve been preparing for baptism (filimena).. Once we´ve got the date to marry them they should be good to go.. It´s awesome cause every time we talk about baptism or the temple filimena gets super excited and like cant talk, shes very prepared to be baptized!

We went to the trash caves this monday with a bunch of other missionaries,, it was pretty fun,, i sent a little video, i was suprised we fit so many missionaries into that cave haha! Things have been great out here and I hope its the same for everyone back home! Talk to ya next week!
Elder Beard

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