Monday, September 12, 2016

This has been an amazing last week here in La Llave,, Yup.. Got the call, after 6 months of being here, I will be heading out to an area called Gonzalo, being a Zone Leader with Elder Lopez in the Zone Hainamosa Campo.. So I´ve had quite some mixed emotions about all this,, I love La Llave so much,, and what I love and am gonna miss most are the People here.. I´ve met some of my best friends here in this area,, and It was pretty tough saying goodbye to everyone,, The Bishop Let elder Palma and I get up and share our last testimony in front of everyone and he thanked us for serving here with them.. He told us he feels a special between his missionaries, and I felt the same,, The members take you in and treat you like youre family.. I have like 3 missionary moms in this area haha! And Saying goodbye to the converts has been super tough! I´m not gonna lie, i may or may not have shed a couple tears these past couple of days haha. But I know its a good thing, to be missing everyone so much, it helps me to be grateful for the mission and to see all the new people you get to serve and come to love and through loving in serving the Change you can see in yourself.. The mission is great,,  And we left here on an awesome note! We put down over 15 baptismal dates this last week, and the people we´ve met have great potential! Also, I don´t know if you guys remember Yokaira? She was our first convert here in la llave,, Well her 2 little brothers just got baptized yesterday, by their cousin (and our ward mission leader) Luigy! Today, I got up on the roof and just thought back on the past 6 months i´ve had in this area,, I feel very grateful to have known everyone and had this time, and i don´t think i would trade it for anything.. Its sure tough to leave, but I know the Lord needs me over in Gonzalo! It was actually Elder Afflecks old area, and guess what? I get to ride a bike! There are only 2 areas in the whole mission that have bikes and thats one of them,, im pretty excited about that! And Elder Affleck says that its awesome out there,, Its one of the most Campo areas in the mission and Campo basically means that its like the countryside,, he tells me its a very poor area, but the people there are amazing and super humble! And the majority of the people out there are Hatian,, so im gonna have to start practicing my French haha! But anyways guys,, thats about it for this week,,, The sunrise pictre is off the roof of the house, and I send a couple more pics of me saying goodbye and what not.. Its been a great time out here, and I hope you´re all having a great time back home! Love ya guys!
Elder Beard

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