Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Well guys, this has been a super crazy week haha! 
So lets start with Transfer day,, So Elder Lopez and I hopped onto a bus and with all my suitcases and stuff and took off into the Dominican Wilderness.. Seriously we were driving for about 2 hours in pure Jungle when the bus guys just said heres your stop! We hopped off and carried the big ol suitcases over a few mud puddles and through the tiny town of Gonzalo to our tiny house! I then I got to setting up camp and getting comfortable! THEN... WE HEADED OUT ON THE BIKES! I almost crashed a few times,, i cant remember when the last time i rode a bike was,, and one of the pedals on the bike is all floppy haha, and i named the bike tabitha! Gonzalo is sooo cool! To be honest It reminds me like im back home in beaver,, seeing the stars at night, breathing in the fresh air,, and it even gets a little cold at night! It´s completely different from what ive experienced until now in the mission, cause i was in the captial for the majority of the mission! But I´m glad im out here now,, i probably had one of the most memorable experiences the other night,, We were riding down a little Dirt Road lined with wooden houses lit up and tons of trees,, Crickets making tons of noise and the sky dotted with stars, and to top it all off a bunch of fire flies were buzzing around lighting up in the road.. Obviously the spiritual experinces we´ve had can´t be beaten, but thats the coolest visual expeince i´ve had in my mission! Anyways this Sunday and investigator named Emaniel got Baptized and Elder Lopez had me Baptize him.. But the interesting part is, that this is a super tiny Branch (in fact, so small that I was set apart this Sunday as 2nd Counciler 😯) That we are in a rented building that doesn´t have a baptismal font! So,, We do what you do out here in the Jungle and Baptized in a River-Waterfall.. We baptized Emaniel in El Rio 12. First time and super awesome experience!! (the only bad part is that i won´t be able to send pictures this week cause i left my camera in the house).. Emaniel Lives in this little village called The Construction (remember this village cause im sure ill be talking about it a lot ) its about 2 miles or so away from Gonzalo and its a little village of Haitians! Like Everyone,, theres only 1 Dominican in the whole village.. The Village is super United! The other day they were all out, everyone of them in the street chopping and raking up the weeds and trash into a big pile,, they keep the place pretty nice.. And there are a bunch of members who live out there! There are a couple of people who we are preparing for baptism these next couple of weeks,, One of them are the Familia Mota.. They´ve had some time with the missionaries, but they are awesome!! We feel like their time is coming up here soon, where they can take this  step,, As well There is an awesome member here in the area named Hermana Jeidi, who cooks for us Lunch and Dinner Every day! Y su comida es rica! So thats about for this week,, I still havent crashed on the bike and im a little bumed i didnt bring my camera, but just wait for next week cause i´ve got some pretty cool pictures to show you all about the Campo Life! My comp is awesome! He´s like a skater Bro from california! The Zone is small, but super United and our DL´s (elder Call and Elder Johnson) are studs! Love ya guys and hope ya have a great week!
Elder Beard

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