Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Well guys, yet another great week out here in the mission! So this week we had the chance to see Yaharyra and her son Eduarlin take the step of Baptism!! Yahayra had a few doubts at the start, but she kept with it and got her answer and took the action! Que chevere! Anyways if you guys are looking at the pictures down there, you'll probably see the Hoard of Mormons walking in the street.. And that would be an awesome Mission Activity we had called Dia Misional!! So basically what went down was that we all got to the Chapel ( and there were about 70 members who came) at 7am.. Starting off with a breakfast,,  the perfect way to start off any activity. Then we had a couple of trainings for the members, on how to be an effective missionary.. Talking about what to share, who to look for, and if they have potential.. We did a bunch of practices and it basically a mini MTC for the members.. After all that we all headed out to the field to contact.. and that would be the picture of us in the street.. Everyone got to apply what they'd just learned and they were super excited to go out and Contact  (and we were pretty excited for the references😁).. After a couple hours of contacting they all came back into the chapel and we had a little lunch and testimony meeting where they shared their experiences.. That was probably my favorite part! There were Recent Converts, Less Actives, and even Investigators who were sharing about the little blessings they saw from the short time they had contacting.. One of they was Jose Luis (the younger) who just got up there all sweaty and said... WHAT WAS THAT.. Wow, I didn't know that walking around all day could be so hard! I don't know how those missionaries do it haha! But it was hard and  good experience Amen.. The Members were getting super pumped! I think thats just what we needed too in the ward, So not too much else happened this week,, I bought a paper clip holder for my desk. Its a little black one,,  not too expensive, but its nice, got a little magnetic thing on it.. i'll send a pic next week🙌.. So I've gotta go now, and prepare the Stake Reports.. We have a meeting tonight with the Stake Presidency and President Corbitt, to talk about last month, so wish me luck! Love ya guys and hope ya have a great week!  Elder Beard

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